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Feb 5 brillow commented on Savage Love.
The key word in BIBFAULT's letter is "recently." So she's found this out a few months ago and they "tried" to work it out. So now its over?

I think Dan should advise them to keep trying. You're not going to get out of a 30 year bad-sex groove in a few months. Just as she felt inferior because she never came, now maybe he feels inferior because the ultimate nightmare of the "traditional" guy has come true: The wife likes her vibrator more than him.

Maybe a 30 year-long problem will take more than a few months to solve. Also, you were perfectly happy up until this point, what's changed? Are you going to start cheating on your husband because you learned how to get yourself off?

And what have you tried? Has he used the vibrator on you? Have you used it on yourself while he pounds away?

Dan's eagerness for non-monogamy certainly seems to be showing. Also, the grass is always greener, there's no guarantee that there is another man out there for you who is as good as your vibrator. Blowing up your marriage so readily over something you just discovered seems a bit rash.

I'm not saying she shouldn't (eventually) decide to move on, but I think a thirty year commitment is worth spending a while (maybe a few years) trying to fix/improve.
Sep 6, 2012 brillow commented on Here's the Back of My Son's New High School ID.
I'd bet the catholic school had a bunch of blank ID cards lying around and the public school bought them because they ran out and some admin. thought it would be a great way to save money.
Jul 9, 2010 brillow joined My Stranger Face
Jul 9, 2010 brillow commented on Gallagher Is a Paranoid, Right-Wing, Watermelon-Smashing Maniac.
I wonder if defunct 80's comedians turning out to be tea-bagger nutjobs isn't a growing trend. Two weeks ago I had my vaguely positive childhood memories of Ray Stephens destroyed by being shown one of his psycho youtube rants (look for it, its fascinatingly horrible). I feel like he would not like that my 8-year-old proto-homosexual mind found his naked cartoon streaker-man to be indescribably interesting.

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