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May 19, 2015 ellie_dee commented on Eight Easy Steps to Help You Break Through the Dreaded "Seattle Freeze".
I realize I'm late to this thread, but this article is snarky, completely lacking in any real substance, and the exact reason people from out of town feel alienated. I've lived here 10 yrs so I get many of the points made by Seattleites and am myself guilty of this freeze thing more often than I'd like to be. But really, thousands of people citing this trait from all over the place are not all wrong. And to say 'there must be something wrong with you' instead of accepting any form of criticism, is just childish. But then the Stranger is part of the problem in the first place with its arrogant, fluff tone, so what do you expect.
Dec 30, 2011 ellie_dee commented on Once Again, the Whitney Biennial Has Not Heard of the Northwestern Part of the United States.
One of my favorite artists in the world is performing and making wildly free, intimate, personal sounds and other creations out of rural Maine. Another such visual artist is deep in the hills of western North Carolina. Talk about regions ignored by the likes of the Whitney.. And selfishly I hope these particular artists never become discovered by the Whitney and its ilk (they're not exactly "trying" to get there).. because what makes these artists so inspiring to me personally, is how very free their work is, how they're able to create exactly what they want... with their own "symbols and magic".... how could the Whitney not, to some extent, replace such worlds with its own mark and context?

I'm asking what the WhiBi is a measure of, why it matters to so many of us as artists.. and I feel it's certainly no measure of the intention behind an artist's work.

I'd also suppose that the recognition of Seattle art beyond Seattle might be proportionate to the Seattle community's effort to engage outside itself.. This is mere personal impression, but I've been really aware of my status as an outsider in Seattle's artworld- in a way that I haven't been in other cities where I've worked/lived. That's not to say there aren't some good conversations here that I'd love to have. I respect your list in comment #7.
Dec 2, 2011 ellie_dee commented on I, Anonymous.
It's unfortunate some SCCC students and community members have been alienated by the Occupy camp.

Here's my list of qualifications that "entitle" me to voice an opinion (just to offset the entitled presumptions about dirty deadbeats in some of these comments): I have a job, pay taxes, pay rent, have a Master's degree, and have done a shitload of pro-bono work with local artists, organizations & businesses.

I've also spent a good amount of time volunteering at the Occupy Seattle camp; I like to make up my own mind based on first-hand experience vs make a bunch of assumptions when I don't know shit about fuck like #23. I haven't seen the homeless flashing any iPads and fancy iPhones at the camp in any of my time there. I do know a sober, kind, positive-minded homeless man who is camping there while dealing with very serious health issues (don't worry- not contagious), going in for medical procedures on his rapidly-disappearing social services assistance, then returning to his tent in the freezing wet cold and trying to sleep off his pain. These homeless are neglected and ignored by our society and they are not going to simply disappear because you blink your eyes.

Occupy Seattle's not perfect but it's doing a hell of a lot more to address these issues than most of us are on our own. I agree alienating a community college is not the right move; my understanding is the camp moved there upon invitation of the teacher's union. Nothing is static, the movement can and will evolve beyond the camp. The Stranger published a great feature on all the hardcore activism that's been going down in Olympia over the past week.
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