Achieve the Four Modernizations.

Apr 10 WenG commented on The Gates Foundation Tries to Defend Its Investment in Private Prisons.
School to prison pipeline. Gates must like what it sees. Foundations are tax shields and we know Microsoft doesn't like paying tax. Isn't that what prison reform and school reform are all about? Search Wackenhut and WCC. They changed their name to GEO ten years ago, but have continued their practice of criminal mismanagement and abuse, include rape and neglect of teens in juvenile jails.
Sep 19, 2013 WenG commented on Destroying a Neighborhood?.
@Joe: I'm sorry you live in Buffalo. Sympathies aside, that doesn't mean you can drop your bag and unpack it here. Stay local.
Jul 25, 2013 WenG commented on Samantha Power Has No Backbone.
What would Weiner say?
Jul 3, 2013 WenG commented on Why Ed Murray Will Be Mayor.
And sadly, I agree with 10 and 11. What did Sims do of lasting value for KC? Politically, Murray is taking a backward step. He brings nothing to the job of mayor except his failures in the Leg. If I'm not voting for McGinn, I'm seriously looking at Harrell. (Goldy doesn't like him but except for unanswered emails, can't pinpoint why.) Remember the Pot Law you pimped? It's inevitable = enough people are clueless enough to vote for it.
Jun 14, 2013 WenG commented on Causing a Stink.
When my then 4-year-old had to go, we tried the Euro Toilet on Broadway. The door kept opening and the water wouldn't stop running. She didn't know whether to laugh or to cry so she did both. Genius Grant performance, really.
Apr 26, 2013 WenG commented on Dear NBA: Don't Take Seattle for Granted.
'Because the longer we go without a team, the more opportunity there will be for our process-driven political system to undermine the Sodo arena deal.' Three stadiums? Undermine away.
Mar 28, 2013 WenG commented on JT Leroy, Laura Albert, and How a Lie Can Reveal a Bigger Truth (With an Aside About the Creator of Deadwood).
"It's how the big reveal about his/her identity actually revealed the ugliness in the rest of us."

Oh brother. You were played by an unrepentant con. Nothing more to see here.
Nov 10, 2012 WenG commented on Teacher Throws Book, Hits Student, to Make a Point.
Note cards?
Oct 5, 2012 WenG commented on The Death of the Ride Free Area.
There's free parking?
Jul 6, 2012 WenG commented on Jay Inslee Is Not Trying to Inspire the Progressive Urban Vote.
It's not too late for Jay to spend "more time with his family." Too many Dems running in the 1st. Run DelBene for gov. Even Seattle Schools, institutional fuck ups that they are, know how to move the pieces around the board.

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