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Oct 1 sugarbear commented on Alaska Woman Tries to Reason With a Spiteful Bear.
if you pepper spray me in the face your ride will get fucked with believe that!
Jun 22 sugarbear commented on Police Who Held Dylann Roof Allegedly Got Him Some Burger King.
Or it is a tactic to keep the subject talking. You people need to watch the wire!

May 8 sugarbear commented on This Guy Found an Unexploded "Blast Ball" on Capitol Hill After May Day.
DUDE! You need to lawyer up like now and have the lawyer take care of it!
Apr 27 sugarbear commented on I, Anonymous.
I know! Nobody ever tells you when you stick a penis in a vagina that you might have a kid that pukes. and you can't take back the defective kid. That sucks! Don't breed them if you can't clean them. that reminds me back when I was a kid and taking chemotherapy for cancer. I would puke after the dose and nobody would help me that sucks!
Apr 3 sugarbear commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Want a Bag of Onions? You Better Ax Somebody.
I would cut somebody if they're stealing my Walla Walla Sweets onions!
Aug 28, 2014 sugarbear commented on Capitol Hill Venue Chop Suey Is for Sale.
What! No love for the Breakroom?
Jan 14, 2014 sugarbear commented on Poll: Let's Talk Trash! Should the City Reduce Garbage Pickup to Once Every Two Weeks?.
In Renton we switch over to garbage and recycle pickup every other week and yard waste every week years ago. After initial hiccups with people getting use to new schedule it's now works as smooth as butter. (yard waste) Now the city uses the extra money to have dumpster days and large scale recycle events. So I guess Renton is ahead of the curve. So don't talk about it for years just suck it up and do it.
Sep 14, 2013 sugarbear commented on Everyone Can Just Stop Making Music Now.
Watch this.
So, By showing this Video the Stranger supports the NRA?? Look on his Yeti cooler at the 0:08 mark.
Aug 20, 2013 sugarbear commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Check Out This Lady's Great Big Gun!.
The open carry capitol hillbillies chapter training video. I hope a sticker will fix that.

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