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Jul 2 bareboards commented on Crossword Spoiler Alert.
No brag, just fact.

Said laconically.
Jun 30 bareboards commented on Morning News: How We Get Our Morning News Now.
I just hope this is a one-off joke and not the way it is going to continue. I'll get used to it, I'm sure, but right now, blerg.
Jun 24 bareboards commented on Tumblr of the Day....
Not funny.
Jun 24 bareboards commented on "As Far as I Can Tell, a Young Adult Novel Is a Regular Novel That People Actually Read".
Craig Ferguson does authors often -- I'll miss that when he's gone in December.
Jun 18 bareboards commented on Welcome to the Future, Where Anyone Can Make a Video.
I had no idea some women were so freaked out by their own bodies. I never had a problem with wrapping them in toilet paper. But if you do, FIGURE OUT A DIFFERENT SOLUTION.

There are diaper pails that deal with baby poop. Make yourself the equivalent of a tampon pail. A little sack. Something.

Start with accepting the way your body works, for pitys sake. This is like internalized homophobia.

Do it for the dolphins.
Jun 17 bareboards commented on Welcome to the Future, Where Anyone Can Make a Video.
"You" have never had a plumbing incident, @4?

I think the issue is more about the whole septic system, including the treatment end of things and what ends up in Puget Sound. I suspect they threw in the comment about you might having to pay money as a way to get your attention by making it personal.

Clearly didn't work, since all you apparently heard was -- my toilet works just fine, so I don't have to worry about it.

Being a good community member includes toilet use. Who knew?

(I didn't know one shouldn't flush hair -- I thought it was organic material and therefore fine. Now I'll stop.)
Jun 9 bareboards commented on SIFF 2014: The Award Winners!.
Yay for Matt Smith!
Apr 25 bareboards commented on What Do You Think of the Boyhood Trailer?.
My choice would be something like... Feeling queasy over a young person having their life co-opted over a 12 year period.
Apr 7 bareboards commented on Seattle Producer Has Rig Stolen After Playing Breast Cancer Benefit.
I'm starting to think the bad guys are following musicians when they leave gigs.

This sucks.
Apr 4 bareboards commented on Police Beat: A Long Bulge In His Pants.
"I named my right thigh Christmas and my left thigh New Years. Why don't you come up and visit me between the holidays?"

-the actor who played the air traffic controller in Airplane said that on stage when appearing in Kentucky Fried Theater's multi-media comedy shows in LA in about 1975

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