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Nov 18 stirwise commented on Her White Neighbor Called the Cops Because He Thought She Was Breaking Into Her Own Apartment—and 19 Cops Showed Up.
@5 and 6: That goes a long way to explaining why my Salvadoran brother-in-law was pulled over by 6 cop cars in Colorado, and ordered out of the car by multiple officers at gunpoint, after someone called about a man in a truck driving aggressively. All this even though the man described in the call was white, and that the aggressive driving was reported several miles away, headed in the opposite direction. Also, he had two small children in the car. Two small children who were separated from him for questioning by officers, while he was on his knees with guns pointed at him. Bored cops with nothing better to do, looking for some action. I hope they had a good time.
Nov 10 stirwise commented on Required Viewing: Maddow On "Kill the Gays" Pastor and the GOP Candidates Who Love Him.
@42: Right now the only support Jindal has is from evangelical Christians. He can't afford *not* to stand there and support this shit.
Nov 6 stirwise commented on About This Anti-Choice Billboard's Hair Raising "Facts".
@6/9 - Did you see the Chris Christie video about how he's pro-life so he's in favor of treatment for addiction? And how it's pro-life to take care of people beyond birth? That's all well and good, but I kept wanting to ask him: what if that hypothetical homeless, hepatitis-infected, heroin-addicted 16-year-old girl you mention was pregnant? Whose life would you be in favor of then?

Because most "pro-life" people would pick the fetus.
Nov 6 stirwise commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Man Teaches Robber Value of Friendship.
I love the crazy stories people make up to hide the fact that their drug transaction went awry, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what was actually going on here.
Nov 5 stirwise commented on Survival Tips for the Cold, Dark, Horrible Next Few Months in Seattle.
@4: Twinkle lights and fires FTW. In general I like to incorporate as much hygge into my life as possible during the dark half of the year. Favorite things include hot chocolate and movies in front of the fire, a stiff drink in a dimly lit bar, Korean barbecue up in Lynnwood. Gonna give that Russian bath a try this year, too.
Nov 2 stirwise commented on I Hope Pamela Banks Loses....
@24 I didn't, because I have no idea what you're talking about. But I'd like to point out all the people supporting your original post, regardless of whatever satire was intended.
Nov 2 stirwise commented on I Hope Pamela Banks Loses....
@6 - Jesus fuck, if living somewhere for 25 years doesn't make one a full-fledged member of the community then what on earth does? How long does one have to live in a place to count as being "from" that place?
Oct 27 stirwise commented on A Seattle Teenager Allegedly Stole a Garbage Truck and Went on a Rampage This Morning.
@tmplknight: Your cat avatar and my dog avatar will have to duke it out.
Oct 27 stirwise commented on A Seattle Teenager Allegedly Stole a Garbage Truck and Went on a Rampage This Morning.
Rather than the Seattle Times, go read the writeup on Capitol Hill Seattle. It entertained the hell out of me during my coffee break this morning.
Oct 14 stirwise commented on Only Seattleites Know That Seattle Is a Major American Tech Hub.
@16: Maybe it's been a while since you've been in Seattle proper, or outside of it, but whenever I leave town I'm surprised by how out of shape the rest of the country is. Seattleites are, by and large, much more fit and outdoorsy than people in other places. Boulder could give us a run for our money, but have you been to Kansas City? Or even just down the road to Tacoma?