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  • No legs and a million dollars or A million legs and no dollars
  • Folklife or A kick in the face while drowning in fish guts
  • What book have you read the most?: the sirens of titan
  • What helps you sleep?: benadryl
  • Meridian or Film Forum

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Apr 10 stirwise commented on One NIMBY to Rule Them All.
@23: Really? You don't think it's kind of bullshit to only start caring about density and public transit when it directly affects you? I don't own a car but recognize that parking is something that people care about. Why is it so difficult to imagine that public transit is a good and important thing even if you don't use it?
Apr 10 stirwise commented on One NIMBY to Rule Them All.
Of course those are good things, that's responsible growth. What people are taking issue with here (well, what I'm taking issue with) is that he only seems to care now that one of these buildings is going in across the street from his office. And, now he only cares about public transit because parking will become more difficult. He only cares because it will affect his personal space, not because of anything to do with the city at large. That's NIMBYness and it sucks. It's worthwhile to point it out. Why should I listen to his opinion when he only cares about what affects him directly? He doesn't give two shits about my life or the lives of anybody else in Seattle.
Apr 9 stirwise commented on How Metal Is Your Period?.
@24: Yeah, I still spot but nothing a pantiliner can't handle. I wish the mood swings and cramps and back pain were totally gone, but significantly reduced is a-ok with me.

@27: Yes to passing out in public, also yes to fainting on the john with the period shits. No vomiting, though. I'm not a barfy person by nature.

My mom never had rough periods, so she was completely baffled by the shitstorms my sister and I had to deal with. I'm glad I had open and frank girlfriends, or I would have thought I was seriously fucked up.
Apr 9 stirwise commented on How Metal Is Your Period?.
72, bitches.

Thank fuck for my IUD, though, because I only have to deal with like 20% of that shit anymore. Mirena FTW!
Apr 8 stirwise commented on Jeff Bezos Does Good Thing.
I wish he'd give that money to smaller research labs that don't already have the huge amount of funding that Fred Hutch has. Like mine, hint hint. Sure, bleeding disorders might not be sexy, but try saying that after you have a stroke my unfunded research could have prevented.
Apr 7 stirwise commented on Does Gene Simmons Wear a Rug?.
Does the pope shit in the woods?
Mar 4 stirwise commented on A Homeless Person Throws Garbage at You: WWSD?.
I'd probably yell "fuck you, asshole!" and ride away. But, I'm a btich.
Feb 18 stirwise commented on Gold Star Comment: A Correction.
@27: If they did it competitively for points, yeah, it would be. It's pretty fucking athletic.
Also, +1 to the person who noted that referees are judges, too.
Feb 17 stirwise commented on Gold Star Comment: A Correction.
@2: Diving isn't a sport? Fucking gymnastics isn't a sport? Good grief, I'd hate to live in your weird head. (I'll stick to my own weird head, thanks.)

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