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Northwest exile living in San Francisco

Sep 13 dangerousgift commented on The U.S. News College Rankings Are Out: Washington Has Five of the Top 20 Universities in the West.
Evergreen would have made the list but the three page narrative review was too long to print
Aug 10 dangerousgift commented on Belle and Sebastian's Tribute to the Rio Olympics Is Worth a Silver, At Least.
I don't know if Søren Solkaer is getting photo credit or credit for that crushing effete pun. If I were them, I would want the joke recognition first.
Aug 10 dangerousgift commented on Read the DOJ's Report on Baltimore Police Department's Shocking Practices, and Watch the Press Conference.
Finally, the hard data we need to force the Baltimore Police Department to do absolute nothing different. Other departments would do best to take heed and consider how little they will need to change if exposed to federal and public scrutiny.
Aug 3 dangerousgift commented on Bill Bryant Still Refuses to Speak Out Against Donald Trump. Sad!.

That's right. A True Blood joke because, like True Blood, this election started out interesting and ended up as total insufferable nonsense.
Feb 28 dangerousgift commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Box Under the Bed.
I'm only a lawyer in California and I'm not trying to dole out real legal advise, but I suspect that what this "cleaner" did actually was a crime. The suggestive note and the rearranging of the sex toys will likely be understood as a sexual threat. Simply being invited into a home doesn't give someone carte blanche to go through things. If this was in the recent past, she might want to consider contacting the police. I do criminal defense work and it's awkward for me to suggest contacting law enforcement generally, but someone with boundaries that poor will likely escalate over time. If she feels comfortable telling the story a couple of times, it might be worth it.
Oct 15, 2015 dangerousgift commented on Why Do Bands Break Up?.
Hot christ The Dead Science was fantastic. I remember seeing them back in 2003-4ish when Sam was still playing with The Parenthetical Girls and having my 19 year old mind blown by non-punk music that I actually loved. That charisma and intensity is really difficult to translate into a recording and seeing them live was so visceral and affecting.

I ran into Sam at Roulette in Brooklyn last year and even all this time later I was a little star struck. The guy couldn't be sweeter though. His talent specifically, and the Dead Science generally, are criminally under appreciated.
Apr 16, 2015 dangerousgift commented on How to Be High in Public.
EMILY NOKES! When did you start following me around writing down literally everything that happens to me all of the time? This is brilliant and all these jerks writing mean stuff are mean jerks who probably suck to hangout with. I know it’s your job to write publicly and absorb stupid shit like that, but I was so surprised to read that crapola because this ruled so hard.
Dec 25, 2014 dangerousgift commented on The Muppets' "Carol of the Bells" Is My Only, Lonely Hollerday Jam.
What do you have against George Winston and his compositions about the solstice? http://youtu.be/OntIOGej77w
Dec 4, 2014 dangerousgift commented on Last Night in Seattle, Stevie Wonder Talked About Ferguson, Eric Garner, and Gun Control.
Zoltan was my professor! He’s such a badass!