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Jan 12 Last of the Time Lords commented on New Year Brings New Bike Lane (And Now, Cycletrack!) Blockages.
So, when I call 911 to report a murder in progress, house on fire or actual emergency I may get preempted by a fucking call about a parking violation?
Jan 7 Last of the Time Lords commented on Islamic Terrorists Storm Offices of French Satirical Magazine, Kill 12 People.
@22, religious belief is a choice, sexuality, gender etc isn't. Please make a note of it so you don't look like an idiot
Jan 6 Last of the Time Lords commented on Gentrifying While Black.
Gentrification is never a problem if you're the one not getting displaced. Let's face it: Dan and Terry aren't at risk of losing their home on Capitol Hill any time soon. So Dan isn't really that empathetic towards the gentrification that happens. I mean what did he say in a posting awhile back? Get the fuck over it, change in urban areas happens.

Dan has truly become a middle aged white male. He's arrived!!!
Jan 6 Last of the Time Lords commented on The Republican Agenda Begins Today: Get Ready for Race-Baiting, Sex-Hating, and Explosive Scandals.
Calling the GOP racist is so easy that it indicates you should read more books and fewer comic books. Get thee to a bookstore and grab the books without pictures and the small print.
Jan 5 Last of the Time Lords commented on Go Read This Interview About Why Seattle Has Become a Great City for Comics and Literature.
Interesting how society becomes more and more infantile that comics are more popular than ever among adults.
Dec 31, 2014 Last of the Time Lords commented on We Regret These Errors.
Good knowing The Stranger doesn't regret stopping nearly all it's local news coverage becoming The Rocket. And we all know who well THAT worked out for that local paper!
Dec 30, 2014 Last of the Time Lords commented on Macklemore Discusses His Privilege and His Success in a Way That's Not Totally Offensive.
Oh oh... Emily dear? You may not know this but a few months ago Slog decided that Macklemore was the worse thing to happen to the Jews since Hitler. At the very least you should qualify this post with something condemning the costume he wore a few months back.
Dec 27, 2014 Last of the Time Lords commented on I, Anonymous.
So they are okay with fisting?
Dec 27, 2014 Last of the Time Lords commented on Benedict Cumberbatch Can't Quite Save The Imitation Game.
@2, Codebreaker that you can stream on Netflix isn't all that bad for a dramatized documentary. Though this movie doesn't really seem to appeal to me that much. Probably because I'm getting a little tired of Benedict Cumberbatch being the latest eye candy we're all supposed to be drooling over. He's an okay actor but that's about the extent of it

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