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Jan 20 Last of the Time Lords commented on Live from the Seattle Student Walkout.
And let's end the misogynistic attitudes that too many Muslim men have towards women all over the globe.
Jan 19 Last of the Time Lords commented on International District Businesses Might Lose Customers During the Seattle Womxn's March. Here's How You Can Help.
I hope that the protesters recognize this and make an effort to make up for the loss of business these small establishments will experience. But if there is one thing I've noticed about identity politics and all of it's various forms...they don't give a shit about anyone else other then themselves.

But hey..PROVE ME WRONG!!! After the protest flood these businesses with your patronage and shopping. Show us that it's not all about you!!!
Jan 15 Last of the Time Lords commented on Attorney General Cracks Down on Landlords Who Ban Felons, Citing Disproportionate Impact on Black Renters.
I wonder how many commentators on Slog would open up their homes to rent a room to someone who was just released from prison? Given the typical level of left wing and right wing hypocrisy we see every day I'm willing to bet that number would be in the single digits.
Jan 5 Last of the Time Lords commented on Centrist Democrats Using Putin and Russian Hackers To Maintain Control of Their Party.
When push comes to shove Senator Schumer will cut Social Security and call it a necessary evil. But hey: we had an election that the Democrats made to be about being with Hillary: never about Hillary being with us. And we all know that with the Clintons it's ALWAYS about them. Just ask those other sexual assault victims of Bill Clinton.

Yeah kids: you were going to have a rapist living somewhere in the White House starting in January no matter WHO won this time around.
Jan 5 Last of the Time Lords commented on GoFundMe Is Helping Pay for Milo Yiannopoulos's Tour of Hate.
I've listened to this joker as well on Rogen's show, Rubin etc. and to be honest the guy is a media whore. To give him the title of being a "contrarian" or "provocateur" is to denigrate the work that Hitchens did who really was a contrarian and a provocateur and earned those titles.

By the same token calling Milo a hate monger and neo Nazi is to take those words and make them meaningless as well. The guy's a piece of shit media whore...he's like Caitlyn Jenner or any of the other Kardashians for that matter.
Jan 4 Last of the Time Lords commented on Police Reformers Fail to Make the Ballot, Plan to Take Their Fight to Olympia.
@1, good point but prepared to be called a racist. The Stranger in the Taylor case would have been happier with a dead cop given the reporting on that case.
Dec 28, 2016 Last of the Time Lords commented on We Regret These Errors: The Mistakes The Stranger Made in 2016.
Calling half the country racist wasn't something you regretted?
Dec 28, 2016 Last of the Time Lords commented on Pop Life: The Horror of George Michael's "I Want Your Sex".
The guy was a lackluster talent at best. All because he was a guy who liked cock didn't make him talented.

And he really should have visited the salad bar more frequently in his later years. No one wants to fuck a one
Dec 21, 2016 Last of the Time Lords commented on Bill O'Reilly: Abolishing the Electoral College Is The Left Taking Power From Whites.
@1, you forgot race..he along with the other SJW's talk about how everything is about race as much as the Nazi's make everything about race. They are seriously obsessed with skin color. Though not so concerned about individual actions and personal responsibility.