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Apr 21 Action Kate commented on Savage Love.
Seconding @1. This isn't a man who wants a consensual BDSM relationship; this is an abuser trying to go somewhere to happen. He was allowed to express his opinion — once — about the size of implants you wanted, but after that he needed to shut his trap.

This idiot is not your equal and it doesn't sound to me like he plays safely. I'd DTMFA and find someone more respectful of your emotional and bodily autonomy.
Apr 15 Action Kate commented on Russian Siri Is Seriously Homophobic.
Update: Apple fixed it! Siri now provides a list of clubs, sans sass:…
Mar 19 Action Kate commented on SL Letter of the Day: Sobbing Isn't Sexy.
Hey, if Dan needs a break, he should by all means take it. I don't mind reruns. But yes, please preface the reruns with some kind of note: Dan is on sick leave, Dan is on vacation, etc. We worry.
Mar 12 Action Kate commented on SL Letter of the Day: Sure You Don't..
Yeah, Dan, I think you stumbled a bit in not differentiating camming from watching a porn film. The rest of your answer I agree with, but I would say that interacting with another person — albeit one with whom he's not in physical contact — is several steps farther than erotica, magazines, or movies.
Mar 11 Action Kate commented on SL Letter of the Day: Secrets and Lies.
@3 I agree; I really want a "Savage Love: Where Are They Now?" feature. I've been wondering about the guy who didn't really want kids but had three for his wife in exchange for her agreement to participate in a threesome, and then she reneged (Dan advised him to cheat with two sex workers), and "Sad Cow," the woman whose husband had made no physical contact of any kind with her (not so much as brushing her arm) in two months despite sharing a home.
Feb 27 Action Kate commented on Leonard Nimoy.
An absolute icon. Nimoy was a damn good actor and took Spock very seriously, which was part of what made the show so powerful. Kirk and Spock are a brotherhood/romance/friendship/life-partnership for the ages.
Jan 27 Action Kate commented on This Morning's Best Long Read: Jonathan Chait On the Return of Political Correctness and the Online Swarm of Illiberal Liberals.
@14: Offensensitivity! I love that one. Both amused and saddened that thirty-two years later, it's just as fresh and applicable.
Jan 22 Action Kate commented on SL Letter of the Day: Cheater and Cheated.
I would not keep this person in my life as a romantic or sexual partner. He is the father to your children, so he should be in their lives as much as you can both negotiate it, but he has proven that he isn't capable of being honest with you.

I don't mean the monogamy per se, because some people manage non-monogamous relationships which are also honest. But he has been lying to you for your entire relationship and 2.5 kids together. A person who keeps lying after the first kid should be thrown out. Children require sacrifice, and this idiot has repeatedly refused to grow up and commit to the lives of the children he's sired.

Kick him out, move in with a relative or a friend, and go to counseling to help you with mourning the relationship you thought you had and figuring out how to move forward in a healthy way.

And yes, I too am so sorry you're in this shitty situation.
Jan 21 Action Kate commented on Savage Love.
I think we need some kind of addendum to Rule #34: If the kink exists, someone has made a toy you can use to experience your kink safely. (c.f. the vajankle... thing from the other day)

I'm amused at the idea of a Hobbit/Jaws/Jurassic Park voreporn mashup.
Nov 24, 2014 Action Kate commented on SL Letter of the Day: Sticking to the Point.
Yep, this was the one which made many of us go "Bring back the decapitated snake heads, because holy shit."

I'm off to for some brain bleach. Again.

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