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TotesFierce is anal seepage.
Feb 6, 2013 TotesFierce commented on They Say They're Not NIMBYs.
@8: lol at racism against white people
Jan 28, 2013 TotesFierce commented on January 'Talcum' @ Chop Suey.
ugh, so many straight people.
Nov 28, 2012 TotesFierce commented on Charges Filed for the May Day Vandalism.
Execute all straight people.
Oct 15, 2012 TotesFierce commented on Cheese Wizards Needs to Level Up.
Isn't the point of street food to get something fast and cheap...not hella bourgie and overpriced?
Oct 8, 2012 TotesFierce commented on Punch That Fan!.
I saw Stza of Leftover Crack punch a woman in the face during one of their shows.
Oct 5, 2012 TotesFierce commented on Last Night, Some Straight Guys Were Out on the Hill Campaigning for Gay Marriage.
"Why aren't your gay friends volunteering? What do you mean you're a gay person who doesn't give a shit about gay marriage?"
-liberal straights and boring gays

Ugh y'all. Get over it. Some gays just don't give a shit or give a shit about something else more.
Oct 1, 2012 TotesFierce commented on Confidential to the Woman Who Was at Pony on Saturday Night Registering Voters and Campaigning for Referendum 74.
@18: the word "marriage" is the biggest LGBT civil rights issue of our lifetime?? ew, get over yourself.
Sep 12, 2012 TotesFierce commented on GIRL ARMY!!! Cranks It Up 10 Notches.
Execute all rape apologists.
Sep 11, 2012 TotesFierce commented on Capitol Hill Tenants Organize to Out-Fundraise Anti-Gay Building Owner.
So thanks to gentrifying breeders, Capitol Hill is now a "gay-friendly" neighborhood instead of the gayborhood.
Sep 6, 2012 TotesFierce commented on GIRL ARMY!!! Cranks It Up 10 Notches.
@18: senseless vandalism? totes.