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Jul 30 debug commented on I, Anonymous.
Looks like the artist punted this week and just decided to draw a couple of penises talking with some big person in the back flexing.
Jul 29 debug commented on I Saw Three Black People in Vienna Today....

A little US Citizenship brush up:

There are many kinds of speech in the USA which are punishable offenses.

One famous example of a criminal speech is yelling "fire" in a theater (or "bomb" in an airport). Similar examples would be inciting a riot, egging on someone to commit a crime or straight up coercion.

There is also libel, slander and other types of defamation.

Freedom of speech won't keep you from losing your job if you say something that goes against your employer's code of conduct.
Jul 16 debug commented on I, Anonymous.
Everybody prefers their own brand to others
Jul 8 debug commented on Why Are Conservatives Fighting Contraception?.
The argument that beats the typical conservative's religious belief is money (and possibly guns). Explain to them (very slowly) how much less money society would spend on contraceptives than unwanted babies. It lowers both welfare and insurance costs.
Jul 1 debug commented on Someone Needs to Get This Guy a DVD Box Set of Oz.
Did the author watch season 2?

There were two main plot lines devoted to non-stereotypical men who work at the prison. The disabled prison guard who got an inmate pregnant and the disillusioned manager who tries to get back to what he liked about the job originally.

Sure, they're not actual prisoners but they're imprisoned by the same institutional system as the women.

Both men are treated realistically. They're good but make poor decisions and often end up being influenced by the system to behave cruel or indifferent.

We even see some of their out-of-prison life, which is akin to the women's flashbacks in purpose.

I don't think the purpose of OITNB is to be a critique the US criminal justice system. The prison is simply a device which allows for focusing on stories and conflicts involving an interesting and diverse set of female characters.
Jul 1 debug commented on SL Letter of the Day: Queens of the Retail Stage.
Key and Peele provide an excellent lesson on separating gays from gays being assholes:

Jun 30 debug commented on Pro-Choice Activists Might Want to Emulate These Gay Boys.
Good on those 90s gays for solving the problem with brain power and initiative instead of violence.

Why limit it to churches?

Find out where the more outspoken leaders of these protests work and pay their workplace a visit as well, or where their children go to school, or their homes.

As long as it was non-violent it would probably spook the hell out of them.

LOL, if anybody watched HBO's "The Leftovers" last night you can see how creepy having some 'watchers' show up in front of your home can be.
Jun 30 debug commented on Morning News: How We Get Our Morning News Now.
@18 Twitter is essentially the same as RSS. The headlines and content are only as brain-dead as the people/companies you follow.

Put another way: if you follow Gawker, you get Gawker-level content whether it's RSS or Twitter.

240 characters plus a picture should be plenty to know if the linked blog, site, news source is worth visiting for more detail.
Jun 27 debug commented on Supreme Court Strikes Down Abortion Clinic Buffer Zones.
A lot of people are upset here but you have to think long term about Supreme Court decisions.

The same decisions you're angry at today may be the ones you rely on when talking about a different issue or when the country swings back to a republican president.

Jun 18 debug commented on I, Anonymous.
Ever notice how when assholes drink it amplifies their assholery? OP probably stiffed the driver on a tip as well.

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