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Jan 20 Machiavelli was framed commented on Police Report One Person Shot at UW During Inauguration Protests.
Yes Phoebe there is an anarchist in the White House.
Jan 20 Machiavelli was framed commented on Live from the Seattle Student Walkout.
@1 You forgot Christian men, Hindu men, Buddhist men, Zoroastrian men, Shintoist men.... The list just goes on and on. It is just simpler to say end misogynistic attitudes. No need to list all the different subgroups of men.

Doing so doesn't add anything to the conversation it is just your weak attempt to try distract attention from your own misogynistic attitudes.

Jan 9 Machiavelli was framed commented on Trump and Trump Flack Are Mad at Meryl Streep for Her Globes Speech.
@13 I was referring to classical conservative thought e.g. Edmond Burke. Not the weird unprincipled incoherence that calls itself conservative thought in America today. Sorry I should have been more clear, I apologize.

Raindrop did you not rush to to join Trump in attempting to take a cheap shot at Meryl Streep? Not that trying to praise Trump for his bankruptcies is any less the act of a sycophant.
Jan 9 Machiavelli was framed commented on Trump and Trump Flack Are Mad at Meryl Streep for Her Globes Speech.
@Raindrop just can't break that habit of yours to rush to the defense of anything or anyone stamped Republican no matter how repulsive, stupid, and destructive to our republic it or they are, can you.

That knee jerk habit of yours is not consistent with conservatism it is a trait of a blind brain dead sycophant.
Jan 7 Machiavelli was framed commented on Can Portlandia Be Funny In the Age of Trump?.
Cumshaw meaning: present, gratuity; also : bribe, payoff

So it pretty much works for your post.
Jan 5 Machiavelli was framed commented on Paul Ryan Says Obamacare Repeal Will Also Defund Planned Parenthood.
@2 *hat tip* that was fucking funny and dead on point. Although I doubt very much @1 caught that he is the savage you are referring too.
Jan 5 Machiavelli was framed commented on Centrist Democrats Using Putin and Russian Hackers To Maintain Control of Their Party.
Charles you are jumping the gun here, right now we are just watching the shit fly towards the fan. This week it is Putin, next week it will be something else, so just sit back relax have a beer. The shit isn't going to actually start hitting the fan until after 01/20/17 what you are smelling right now is just fart gas. We aren't going to be able to get any real clear read on things until after the Ides of March.

@Idiot Sawant, yes I know your entire life all you've heard about Hillary is one bull shit alleged scandal, after another which clearly after 25+ plus years finally drowned her. Hate her if you want I don't care, but shut up about it already none of it is true. As a politicians go she is more honest then most, she certainly committed no crimes and a $250,000 speaking fee is not unreasonable for someone who has had her career. As for the server questions, it is grossly unfair to hold her today's standers at the time she set it up it was more secure then the government servers that existed at the time. So yeah swallow all the anti-Hillary bile you want but STFU about it, she is now off the stage and you are just spinning in place.

Oh as for you endless whining "Bernie would have won". No he wouldn't have, if nothing else the Jewish/Atheist thing would have ended him.

@Raindrop I know you were baptized by dear St. R. Reagan, but until you drop the knee jerk running dog tribal Republican mindset you are going to have to accept that folks like #17 are going to view you as he does. That you didn't vote for Trump doesn't change your reflexive Republican tribalism. You still need to work on that.

To be clear I'm not talking about you fancying yourself a conservative, hell I'm likely more conservative then you are if we are talking about actual historical political philosophy.

Christ this is a long post for me I must be grumpy. Oh well, fuck it.
Jan 4 Machiavelli was framed commented on We Still Get Great Comments (From Great Commenters) Here On Slog.
I've only been reading Slog and its comments for 5-6 years now, obviously not as long as some here, but I too have noticed a decline in the comment section. However it strikes me that the decline in quality of the comment threads correlates with a decline in the quality of the articles.

There have always been trolls I think they just seem to be more numerous now then in the past because the more insightful comments aren't commenting due to the decline of insightful articles worth commenting on.
Dec 30, 2016 Machiavelli was framed commented on The Morning News: Seattle Corporation Wants to Put Warehouses in the Sky, Seattle Burglars Only Want Tech, Seattle Is About to Get Very Cold.
@3 Is right. Change all your passwords now, notify your bank and credit card, get new account numbers etc... shut it all down and re-establish what you need to. Even if you don't think you ever did such and such on your computers pull it all down, there is more stored there then you know. That one thing that you did years ago on that computer is still there and all that is needed is one thread to pull in order to unravel the entire tapestry of your identity financial and otherwise.