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Mar 24 Machiavelli was framed commented on Week in Weed: Colbert Mocks Sessions on Marijuana, Jimmy Buffett Says No to Marijuanaville, Lyft Wants to Keep Stoners Safe.
The 3:20 thing doesn't make any sense, if I'm not going to get high until 4:20 why do I need someone to drive me around at 3:20? 5 or 6:20 would make more sense.
Mar 24 Machiavelli was framed commented on Kshama Sawant and Other Jill Stein Supporters Must Know That Trumpcare's Demise Is Not a Real Victory.
@7 I agree the Dems need to start campaigning for 2018 now. They don't even need to come up with anything to campaign on, they already have it. The Democratic party platform voted in at the 2016 convention will do just fine and is really quite progressive and comprehensive thanks to Bernie Sanders. Take it out of the file cabinet and start selling it now at all levels, federal, state, local in every election across the country.

Yes oppose everything the Republicans propose but at the same time promote and explain a Democratic alternative. No not that, this. This is better clearly better and not covered in bullshit.
Mar 23 Machiavelli was framed commented on GOP Senators Vote to Repeal Rules Protecting Your Private Internet Browsing History.
Oh come on do you really think any of these 60+ year old Republican Senators even understood what they were voting on? They just took the check from some lobbyist and said "ok I can barely work my phone or log onto my computer anyway what do I care, thanks for the money".
Mar 23 Machiavelli was framed commented on What We've Learned Today About the Attack in London.
Oh please, this reads like nothing more than suicide by cop. A 52 year old man whose life has spiraled out of control for reasons we may never know and sees no way to fix it, latches onto the current turmoil in the world and decides to go out in a blaze.

Mar 23 Machiavelli was framed commented on Black New Yorker Minding His Own Business Gets Stabbed to Death By a White Guy.
Ok it is a dirty job but I'll do it, I'll defend Raindrop. As racism goes Raindrop's is pretty micro and methinks largely an unconscious result of his lack of awareness of the extent of the life long privilege he has benefited from by being born white and solidly middle class or better.

If you've worn blinders your entire life, even if you take them off your peripheral vision is going to be for shit.
Mar 23 Machiavelli was framed commented on Debunking the Seattle Times’s Dishonest Op-Ed Against Funding Arts, Science, and Culture Education.
Can't tax income in WA state, tax short and long term capital gains instead. That is where the real money is anyway and it not regressive, one needs to have assets that are worth something in order to have capital gains.

Mar 23 Machiavelli was framed commented on Trumpcare Doesn't Even Pretend to Care About New Moms with Low Incomes.
@6 Yeah I've never understood why the corporate media ever bought into that "Ryan is a policy wonk" nonsense. I know Ryan claims that he is a policy wonk but so fucking what? His claim on the wonk status is that he read Ayn Rand as kid and took her half baked hypocritical "political/economic philosophy" to heart as the gospel truth. Well as my father once said "Randianism like Anarchism is something you are suppose to out grow by the time you are 21"
Mar 23 Machiavelli was framed commented on Reminder: Today's Vote on Trumpcare Is Also a Vote to Defund Planned Parenthood.
God cursed women with child birth as punishment for Eve's sin. Helping women plan parenthood undercuts God's punishment and thus is blasphemy. America is a Christian country we can't allow America to support blasphemy ergo Planned Parenthood has to go. See it is simple very straight forward.

"Every sperm is sacred, every sperm is blessed if a sperm is wasted God gets quite irate". Monty Python
Mar 23 Machiavelli was framed commented on Trumpcare Doesn't Even Pretend to Care About New Moms with Low Incomes.
It's their own damn fault if women hadn't fallen for the serpent's lies God wouldn't have cursed them with child birth.
Mar 20 Machiavelli was framed commented on Uber Loses Legal Challenge, but Seattle Unionization Law Still at Risk.
@5 Sarcasm is soooo hard to pull off in this type of forum.