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May 14 Machiavelli was framed commented on I'm a Cook and I Want You to Keep Your Tips.
@44 No Subhumanblues apparently sold it's imaginary villa in Italy in order to buy it's imaginary British sports car, see #39.

Subhumanblues's imaginary life is hard to keep up with, the ever morphing non-Caucasian wife, the illegal rental mogul business, the unlicensed building contractor business, oh and let us not forget the imaginary 2.5 children. It's all so slippery.
May 10 Machiavelli was framed commented on This Guy Found an Unexploded "Blast Ball" on Capitol Hill After May Day.
@23 Yeah they ruin it for everyone.


Just like my parent's best man did back in the day.
May 6 Machiavelli was framed commented on Now That Ben Carson Is Running for President, Let's All Laugh.
But but but he wasn't like ME! So he deserved it.
May 6 Machiavelli was framed commented on Woman Sues Homosexuals in Federal Court—All Homosexuals.
Subhumanblues's black wife lives in Nebraska? Who knew.
May 6 Machiavelli was framed commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The New Girl.
IDK all in all it strikes me as a good answer to a difficult question.
May 3 Machiavelli was framed commented on May Day 2015: After a Day of Peaceful Marches, an Evening of Broken Glass, Flashbangs, and Injuries.
Mmmm after reading/scanning through this thread I find myself thinking it'd be fun to take Catalina and Phoebe out for tea or cocktails.
May 3 Machiavelli was framed commented on Photos from Last Night's Clashes Between Anti-Capitalist Marchers and Police on Capitol Hill.
@13 It's been done. McRib. Although to be fair no one is really sure what the McRib is made out of.
May 1 Machiavelli was framed commented on Jeffrey Toobin Slams Scalia.
@58 Strunk & White, I love the Elements of Style. Wish I'd been introduced to it in high school instead of college. When did it find it's way into your world?

Oh would you like some turkey, stuffing, gravy and mixed cheesy bean dish? I'd offer you some mashed potatoes but Subhumanblues doesn't seem willing to pass them.

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