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Dec 19, 2012 northwest mystic commented on Bubblegum Princesses and Porn Mannequins.
a)"dissing pretty" is the "loser dumb shits" way of reckoning ignorance and absence of intellectual hard work when it come to art critique and understanding-period. Any loser starts with that shit and run...

b) apparently Alice Wheeler (nor Mr. Kucera) have ever heard of Nan Goldin. Wheeler's work is such a shameless rip-off of the 'Nan' schtick that it's sad really. If being in the right place at the right time (Kurt Cobain pre fame) is being a good artist then...

c ) Haven't we established "The Hedreen" is nothing but a tragic dumping ground for the pretentious losers in this town to parade around their egos? Come on now people-forward, not backwards-please!

d) pink potato whales studded all over with eyes and a big false buck tooth...WOW!!! amazing (in several senses of the word)...

e) "OMG this is NOT how Expedia described this place...YUCK WHAT IS THAT???...Is that a cum stain on the bedspread...SHIT, I'm not smelling THAT-GROSS-YOU smell it!...What's that smell???...ugh this carpet is so filthy...I just can't stay here, SERIOUSLY! I JUST THREW UP IN MY MOUTH! Who's towel is that? I'm outta here. What...OK, how about we just make Art about it and just split? KOOL..."

only in Seattle..shame on you Ms. Graves. Any chance you hear what an idiot you sound like???

Nov 7, 2012 northwest mystic commented on Western Bridge Melts into the Air.
And just look how far all 'that' got them.

...reading this brief (?) history really is just about ALL that is wrong with the "Seattle Art Scene".

and finally...I guess money doesn't buy you happiness...or good art,,,or good taste...just people who will tell you that it is.

Nov 1, 2012 northwest mystic commented on Now Reverberating at the Frye.
Can Jen Graves just admit to her infantile school girl obsession with her "Justin Bieber" Scott Lawrimore and his travelin' sideshow?

...and stop torturing us with all this?

Sep 30, 2012 northwest mystic commented on Nathan DiPietro's Show at Woodside/Braseth Is Huge. See It..
Why did it take you so long to offer this up to your readers? You cannot have been that checked out or clueless. How does it do right by a hard working talented local artist to ignore this until the last minute and then offer this? Unforgivable and backhanded. Besides, your costume couldn't possibly have taken that long to select for the Genius party...or maybe you were too hungover from covering the Genius nominees awesome outrageous pub crawl?
Sep 27, 2012 northwest mystic commented on Sarah Bergmann.
I HAVE seen some of the sites and trust me, they are not Art. Stoompy makes good points all around and YES, Stoompy, WTF is up???
The one point the usually wrong and always pretentious Ms Graves does make about another artist stating that it could only happen here in Seattle couldn't be more insightful and true. Pathetic as that is...
And Stoompy, haven't you noticed yet that everyone with any art collecting savvy and chutzpah goes out of this area to play and collect? Hell, even a certain doyenne of the art world known around town for a big collection and philanthropic presence has been overheard saying they're tired of these local loser artists.
Sad, I know. Alas "Geniuses" like this B.S. winner might be an interesting hipster statement, cool environmental happening, or lovely community gesture BY an artist, but ART it is not (this time around). At least Dan Webb has craft and technique (with no genius).
Sep 24, 2012 northwest mystic commented on My Feelings on the Matter of the Genius Awards Process.
like Gertie said-"when you get there there is no there-there"...
Sep 20, 2012 northwest mystic commented on SAM Is Losing A Good Curator in Marisa Sánchez.
@5 awwww...shut it...
and btw-stand up for quality for once.
Sep 19, 2012 northwest mystic commented on Sewing for Ghosts.
Well folks, Labor Day has come and gone and now we start a new fresh season of art and culture here in Seattle highlighted by none other than miss 'Hen' Graves-angry ol'mother hen who scratches around our local art barnyard fiercely guarding her favorite baby art chicks from harm, all the while clucking and pecking at all who dare enter her domain or disagree. OH NOOOO! Not another year...not another bunch of...
Please don't BORE us with yet another season crammed down our throats of the same ol' "SBCCORNISHLAWRIMOREBENNETTANGRYMITCHELLPROLETARL




cluck cluck
Sep 19, 2012 northwest mystic commented on SAM Is Losing A Good Curator in Marisa Sánchez.
No loss here folks...
After hearing her lecture right after she was hired at SAM I was astonished at the whole presentation and it's lack of anything compelling or polished. This woman was a prime example of the many "nothings" that sadly litter the lower tier museums and galleries around the country(and the northwest). It is also notable that you, Jen, couldn't even report anything too interesting on her 5 year history at SAM just 'poofs'. This is either a very sad reflection on SAM and its bad judgment ( surprise, yet again...) or her-or actually both, let's just call it right now.
Aug 29, 2012 northwest mystic commented on Recommended in Art.
yeah, I'm waitin' too-
waitin' for Jen Graves to realize stupid worthless crap like this should be passed over..