Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Jun 8, 2014 pb1025 commented on About That Hate Crime I Committed at University of Chicago.
Context is always important and Dan is a smart guy. How could a smart guy not realize that calling someone "it" would be offensive to anyone overhearing the conversation? If I was talking to that person, sure, I'll use "it" if that's what "it" prefers. But no one else knows that at the Starbucks.

And everyone needs to get a grip and quit being such a crybaby. "The mean man said something mean!" Give me a break.
May 31, 2014 pb1025 commented on Why We Need Cycletracks: Truck Blocks Entire Bike Lane On Capitol Hill.
Some trucking companies have a policy of terminating their drivers if they hit anything. Given the choice between blocking the bike lane or bumping into anything, I'm sure all of you would rather keep your job.

Additionally; you have no idea what the parking environment was like when the trucker arrived only what it looks like in the picture.
Jun 26, 2013 pb1025 commented on "What Should I Know Before Deciding to Move to Seattle?".
As long as you don't mind an almost non existent summer (it's June 26 and we've had 2 days of sun) and no real alternative transportation other than your car, you'll be fine. Oh yeah, expect to sit in traffic for 2 hours to and from work. It doesn't matter where you work, it'll take you 2 hours to get there. 2 hours to get home.
Jun 14, 2013 pb1025 commented on Who the Fuck Puts Blinders on a Building?.
It's because architects are self involved morons whose purpose is to spend way too much money on something ugly while they then criticize the workers who fuck up their "vision".
May 24, 2013 pb1025 commented on The Only Thing More Tragic than a Bridge Collapse Would Be a 10 Cent a Gallon Increase in the Gas Tax.
@18 Sir Vic, it can't be tax dodging to buy something where there is no sales tax or Amazon sales wouldn't be so popular. Why should someone in Vancouver be called a tax dodger if the Walmart on the OR side is closer?
Dec 24, 2012 pb1025 commented on You're Never Too Drunk to Know You're Too Drunk to Drive.
In German, the letter combination"oeh" is consistent with the long "a" sound. Thus," Baynor" for our Speaker and the correct pronunciation of my last name.
I've always assumed that Amy Poehler's family just got tired of correcting people and adapted a mispronunciation
Dec 23, 2012 pb1025 commented on "Columbine Had an Armed Guard, Virginia Tech Had a Police Department, Ft. Hood was a Military Base....".
The perfect experiment would be if an armed shooter shot up a gun show. All those Dirty Harry types would have to decide. Will I duck and hide or do I feel lucky?
Jun 24, 2012 pb1025 commented on The Sunday Morning News.
Later on there will be a video of how to make Chips-kabob.
May 13, 2012 pb1025 commented on Slog Bible Study: Deuteronomy 22:23-24.
What kind of a virgin, pledged to be married, decides to sleep with a stranger when she knows death is the potential result?

I would have to guess it would be the kind of vitgin who just got raped.
Nov 26, 2011 pb1025 commented on SL Letter of the Day: Listen To His Words.
I was the one who stayed at home while my partner was abroad for 8 months. Let me tell you, LW, there is nothing more attractive to a woman than to find out that the guy in the bar is in a committed relationship, but alone.

I've never been hit on so much in my life than I was at that time. I think women A. feel sorry for the lonely guy and B. consider it a challenge to see if he'll cheat.

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