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Jun 27, 2014 douchelord commented on Two Drinks A Day Makes a Man A Heavy Drinker.
Probably a function of body mass
Dec 16, 2013 douchelord commented on Why Are Prescriptions for ADHD Meds Soaring? One Word: Marketing..
@1 yeah, that's Mercer Island for ya
Oct 7, 2013 douchelord commented on What It's Like to (Almost) Work for Google.
@18 - see my post above. I know it happens, I've seen it happen. It's great for those who can make it. It's not so great for society.
Oct 7, 2013 douchelord commented on What It's Like to (Almost) Work for Google.
@8 - only because they haven't figured out to completely bifurcate things yet.

@13 Good for you. I'm glad you made it. But your point is "I made it, everyone else can too!" and that's tech-worker libertarian BS.

I'm not saying you can't make it from a contract job. But there's nothing more tired than people ignoring systemic results in favor of personal anecdotes. Quick Q - If everyone worked as hard as you, like you want, would you still have your (dev) job? Or would all the hard working smart folks with jobs be working harder for less pay due to increased supply in the labor pool.....

@15 Exactly.
Oct 7, 2013 douchelord commented on What It's Like to (Almost) Work for Google.
@3 - no one is getting a foot in the door with a contract position. That's the whole point of the article.
Sep 24, 2013 douchelord commented on The QFC on Harvard and Broadway Is Pratically a Dog Park.
As a dog owner, I hate when people bring their dogs into this QFC. It's ridiculous. And it's always little miscreant dogs with terrible manners.

We own a huge newfoundland. One day we saw a misbehaving dog in the store while shopping. So we thought we could try and bring attention to how silly it is to bring dogs into the store by going home, getting our enormous dog, and parading him up and down the customer service area near management. Surely this would bring some comments from the store, we could reply that we thought it was totally allowed because everyone else does it, and we could then suggest they should clamp down on it generally.

Nope, they said nothing. People bringing in the dogs are morons, but the store has to do something about it other than put up a sign they don't enforce.
Apr 22, 2013 douchelord commented on That Could've Gone Better.
Um, I think he said "k, fucking shit" as in "okay, here we go, oh fucking shit"

Apr 11, 2013 douchelord commented on It's True, Seattle Cabs Suck.

The results of suits against against cab companies are used in law schools to teach business/tort law concepts like negligence, agency, employee vs. contractor status, and piercing corporate veils.

I got news for you though, a lot more business than cab companies are pulling crap like under-capitalizing potentially liable entities and affiliates and trying to fit everyone in as independent contractors.
Apr 11, 2013 douchelord commented on CNN Shops for Guns.
cont - also, don't bother coordinating our neighbors to reduce cookie availability.
Apr 11, 2013 douchelord commented on CNN Shops for Guns.

"Mom, me and my siblings are always going to steal cookies from the cookie jar, you shouldn't bother making a rule against stealing them. Oh and btw you should make sure that there are always a ton of cookies in the house."

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