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Jun 22, 2011 g.k.sushi commented on Bisexuals.
You forgot another thing, Dan; That allot of 'experimenting' women use the term Bisexual to get men. As a bisexual who identifies as pansexual, this pisses me off the most. I Love women. I love men. I'm poly, so luckly i get to date both when i have the opportunity to. But it burns my hide that the majority of openly professed bi women are kissing bi's; and nothing ruins an experience like someone using me to get third person/guy off. Threesomes can be hot, but i don't want to have one if the girl in the threesome is going to have issues with me actually paying attention to her lower regions.
Feb 11, 2011 g.k.sushi joined My Stranger Face
Feb 11, 2011 g.k.sushi commented on Daily Pill—Taken Without Fail (No Screwing Up)—Reduces HIV Infection Rates By 90%.
What we can do, is thank the beautiful gay boys that paved the way for a drug that (if it can ever go generic) that will undoubtedly help women (and men) in parts of the world where women have no cultural or legal right to say no. Like Women in Africa, Or the wives of long distance truckers in India (by far the biggest population spreading HIV to their unsuspecting wives). Heck, if I could afford it I'd use it in combination with Condoms. I'm poly, pansexual and Alergic to latex and not all guys fit into the unstudied non-latex alternatives, thank you, Side effects or not, it beats possibly spreading something to myself or someone i care about.