Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Jun 12 ourkind commented on What Was Behind Steve Scher's Sudden Departure, After 28 Years, from KUOW?.
KUOW has been disappointing recently. They barely produce any local programming despite reaching their fundraising goals every pledge drive. It chose to combine all three local radio programs and combine them into one garbalyguck thing called "The Record." I think it was obvious that none of the three radio hosts were in love with that idea. Steve Scher, who had his own daily 2 hour show, went to sharing a single 2 hour show with two other hosts.

I don't have strong feelings for Scher, positive or negative, but I think the format change was frustrating for the producers and hosts.

I hope that KUOW starts producing more original content again. I find "The Takeaway" host to be extremely obnoxious and I am annoyed that KUOW is paying for that instead of creating its own morning talk program (like it had for ages).
Jun 11 ourkind commented on International Franchise Association Files Their Lawsuit Against Seattle's $15 Minimum Wage.

Can you please elaborate on what the law is here? My understanding is that this is a non-protected class distinction, and thus is subject to a rational basis review under the 14th amendment (i.e., an impossible case for the plaintiffs to win). As far as I know, there is no where in the relevant law where profit distribution or business risk would be relevant to the legal analysis. But please, if you know more about this than us, elaborate.
Mar 13 ourkind commented on Dominic Holden Is Being Promoted to Associate Editor of The Stranger.
Is Hanna an actual Stranger employee now? She's suddenly become one of the more prolific contributors of substantive SLOG posts in the past few days. If not, it would be wise to hire her for reals.
Feb 18 ourkind commented on Suddenly, Masmari Has a New Private Lawyer.
We do not need updates on every step of the proceedings. Are you going to write updates for every motion that is filed? This man has not yet been convicted, and a jury has not even been selected as of yet. I say give it a rest until there is actual news to report. Until then, this dude is just another person charged with a crime, and he does not deserve to be tried in the media before he gets his day in court.
Feb 10 ourkind commented on Starbucks Is Dumb in Los Angeles.
It isn't legal. It is maybe legal. Fair use, which the parody exception falls under, is more of a defense against copyright/TM violation. You cannot simply declare something to be fair use and know that it is legal. Given the way this has been executed, as well as the cafe's FAQ, I find it hard to believe that a fair use defense would be successful when (not if) Starbucks sues them for violating its IP rights.
Feb 1 ourkind commented on "I dare you guys to Slog this atrocity.".
I love it.
Jan 27 ourkind commented on Quentin Tarantino Sues Gawker: Who's the Bigger Asshole?.
You left out a critical part of the story:

"This time, according to Tarantino's lawsuit, Gawker has refused to back down from "repeat demands for the removal of the posted URL links" and "submissions of DMCA notices of copyright infringement.""

The lawsuit was after Gawker refused to be reasonable.
Nov 29, 2013 ourkind commented on Car Parking Removed for Bicycle Parking.
This is a good thing mainly because the amount of bikes parked in front of Jimmy Johns (which is just to the left of Starbucks) often block the sidewalk. Hopefully the JJ delivery guys will start parking there so the sidewalk is clear again.
Nov 19, 2013 ourkind commented on Cops Evict Protestors From School Building, Arrest Four.
I went to Nova years ago, long before the program left the Mann building. The building really was a part of the school, as it was covered in student artwork (both inside and outside). When the school shakeup started several years ago, Nova did not want to leave the building. However, that was not their choice.

Now, Nova does not want to move back to the building if it means kicking other neighborhood programs out. The art that once covered the walls is now gone, and with an extensive remodel planned, the building will only really share the location of the prior school.

That said, it is again out of the hands of Nova. This is a district decision. Nova, for its part, has been trying to talk to the current occupants of the Mann building to see if they might be able to work out a space sharing program (as many of the current uses are weekend and evening, which is after school hours). My understanding from talking to my old high school teachers is that the current occupants find such a proposal unacceptable.

But the stupid thing about all this is that the people in the building don't want to leave and the people who will be moved into the building don't want to move there, so the district should just leave things as they are. I was sad when Nova was forced out, but it was done, and forcing Nova back in there is only going to cause an even bigger rift between the predominantly white alternative school and the neighborhood that houses it.
Oct 17, 2013 ourkind commented on AG Ferguson Sues Grocery Manufacturers Alleging $7.2 million No on I-522 Contribution Violates Disclosure Rules.
I-522 is going to pass, and then it will be nullified by the courts. What the law is demanding is unprecedented.

Look at tobacco. Cigarettes must have the surgeon general's cancer warning on the pack. However, unlike the GMO labeling in I-522, the tobacco warning is 1) on the side of the package, not the front, 2) is in response to actual medical findings, 3) is motivated out of a concern for safety and not politics, and 4) is federally mandated, and the feds have more power to regulate commerce.

As for the GMO label, it is 1) on the front of the package, not the side, 2) is not in response to any medical findings or scientific studies, 3) is motivated more by food politics than health concerns, and 4) is passed by a state, and states have less power to regulate commerce. Without a single supportable justification for a clear and unambiguous label on the front of the package, it will be challenged in court as an unreasonable restraint on commercial speech, and then the label will be thrown out.

If the bill had been asking for GMO information to be added into the ingredients/nutritional info portion of all packaging, it would be a much better bill that would more likely survive challenges. After all, that would simply be information presented in an unbiased way. This is not that.

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