Not enough like Twitter.

mhulot gotta poop so bad.
Sep 11 mhulot commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Man Gives Stranger a Ride, Gets Robbed.
These posts are just another ray of sunshine before the weekend. Eee!
Aug 31 mhulot commented on Cliff Mass Says this Weekend's Exceptional Windstorm Has Nothing to Do With Global Warming.
I interpreted the final paragraph about balance being restored as being more figurative than literal. Weather bloggers can wax poetic sometimes, can't they?
Aug 29 mhulot commented on This Couple Swam in the Seward Park Poo Water and Lived to Tell Their Tale.
It's like one big inside joke. Also your were inconsistent with your present/past perfect. Have/had swum.
Jul 14 mhulot commented on The Mean Girls of Summer.
On top of everything else that's wrong with this article..."expatriated"? How about "immigrated"?
Jul 8 mhulot commented on All of These Secret Seattle Beaches and Parks Belong to You—Use Them!.
Wonderful! Thanks for the tipz.
Jul 2 mhulot commented on What to Eat (and Not Eat) When You're Backpacking.
I'll bring tomatoes and chard backpacking when I want smashed, bruised tomatoes and wilted chard in my hot, dirty pack. But that's never, so I'll continue to bring hardier root veggies or even vegetables that can take a punch (like bell peppers) without spilling their guts over everything.
Jun 24 mhulot commented on One of the Sexiest Trees on Capitol Hill Loses Roots to the Construction Boom.
So everything will probably be ok. Ok. Good.

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