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Oct 9, 2015 the idiot formerly known as kk commented on Bruce Harrell Wants to Proclaim "Italian-American Heritage" Month on Indigenous Peoples' Day.
Maybe it should be a second Thanksgiving, (but with better food, since manicotti is way, way better than turkey and mashed potatoes) where we celebrate both the Pilgrims and the Native Americans? The vast majority of us are inheritors of the culture of the Pilgrims, but many of us also are ancestors of the Native Americans who facilitated (and suffered from) their cultural dominance and expansion. Columbus, although brutal, was a brave explorer who forged the path of the vast majority of Americans into the New World. And we should also recognize, at the same time, the losses and contributions of the indigenous peoples who were displaced. This isn't, and can't be, an either/or. It must be a both/and.
Oct 9, 2015 the idiot formerly known as kk commented on Greatest Friday News Dump Ever: WSDOT Is Suing Seattle Tunnel Partners.
Duh, major construction projects result in delays and lawsuits. You do know that a tunneling machine broke down in the Brightwater tunnel and had to be rescued, right? Or, since that was sewers and not transit, and Snohomish County and not downtown Seattle, you couldn't be bothered to notice? But you have heard of the Big Dig? In Boston? Major infrastructure projects are complex and unpredictable. Good thing the Stranger wasn't around when the "DISASTER" that is now the downtown transit tunnel was built . . . .
Mar 18, 2013 the idiot formerly known as kk commented on Someone Who Just Moved Here Tells Us About Seattle.
What @71 said.
"The west coast is no less racist than the rural parts of the Carolinas."
That's just stupid bullshit. Yes, it's racist in the West. No, we are not as racist as the rural parts of the Carolinas.
"Eye contact between myself and a nonwhite individual seldom, if ever, even occurs."
It's a city, not some hick town. We're busy. If you want to make eye contact with nonwhite individuals, then make friends with us, don't expect us to give you the time of day just because you've got some goofy-ass grin on your white face.
"Is America, even in its most progressive parts, rife with ignorance and separatism?"
At least in Seattle, they teach social studies in the schools. What kind of dumbass question is that?
"If I'd been the lowest common socioeconomic denominator through no fault of my own, I'd be a bit spiteful toward lily-skinned pussies who, despite sitting pretty atop nearly every undeserved boon, still find something to complain about."
Guess what, Estlin. We people of color don't think about you much and really don't give a shit about you. Shocked? We don't CARE if you're privileged. Sure, it would be great if you didn't own everything and fuck us over. But life is pretty damned good for us. We have our families, our churches, our friends and neighbors, our homes, our work. Yes, like anyone, we have our troubles, but we don't sit around pissing and moaning because some moron thinks that racism will magically disappear if only he smokes enough pot and stares at his navel long enough. So no, Estlin, we are not in a "state of almost constant anger; anger which might boil, in time, into resentment, then hatred, and, finally, disillusionment." We have not given up on the American Dream. We realize--obviously--that we have to work twice as hard as white folks to attain it, but we sure as fuck don't need your condescending pity.
Mar 12, 2013 the idiot formerly known as kk commented on Political Cowardice Threatens Universal Background Checks Bill in Olympia.
@10: I am very glad this killer was caught before he was able to obtain a weapon and harm someone else. And where would a six-time convicted felon from Washington look for his next weapon?
Detectives learned that Boysen was conducting online searches of gun shows across the Pacific Northwest and Nevada just before or after his grandparents were slain.

At a gun show, of course, where no background check is required. That's why we need universal background checks.

@11: Will, you are a stupid fucking moron. The saloon keeper is liable for overserving a patron who drives drunk and kills someone, but that doesn't mean the drunk driver gets off scot free. I can't believe I just wrote that. The stupid hurts.
Mar 12, 2013 the idiot formerly known as kk commented on Political Cowardice Threatens Universal Background Checks Bill in Olympia.
Instead of requiring background checks, we just need a law that says IF you sell your gun to someone without obtaining a background check, and that person commits a crime with the gun, then you are liable for damages in a civil suit. Let the plantiff lawyers do the work of the state. Isn't that what the free market is all about?
Mar 11, 2013 the idiot formerly known as kk commented on Richard McIver Died Last Night.
@12: And tell me how many homeless people you've housed in your lifetime, asshole.
Mar 6, 2013 the idiot formerly known as kk commented on Courtney Gregoire Appointed to Port Commission.
So vote against her, or better yet, run against her. What a bunch of fucking whiners.
Feb 27, 2013 the idiot formerly known as kk commented on Liberals vs. Liberals? Unions Accuse Districts Campaign of Disenfranchising People of Color.
Nice to see you finally figured out how districts will fuck over poor people and people of color. Once SE Seattle is safely tucked away by itself, the other 8 can completely ignore it. Does ANY recognizable person who is not white support this? Thought not.
Feb 26, 2013 the idiot formerly known as kk commented on This Is a Big Fucking Deal.
I hope Ken Mehlman doesn't really believe that anyone is going to start respecting him just because he got a bunch of third-rate has-beens to admit in writing that 1 + 1 = 2. Ken, everyone with a brain still thinks you're a weasel, and the mouth-breathers still think you're just a fag.