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Mar 24 chi_type commented on Alison Stevenson Won't Suck Your Dick.
"Comes standard" doesn't mean every model has to have it. Automatic transmission comes standard but if you want manual you can get that too, just a little harder to find.
Mar 10 chi_type commented on Savage Love.
I agree with #1. Divorce is no longer some horrifying stigma and 30 is too young to resign yourself to a relationship this unsatisfying. He can still easily find someone with whom he has an emotional and sexual connection to spend the NEXT 50 YEARS with.

Btw, having the questions on a different page is very annoying. Couldn't scroll up to confirm his age.
Feb 27 chi_type commented on How to Order Wine When You Know Nothing About Wine.
But what if you actually like dry wine? That sensation of drying your tongue that some cabs have?
Feb 24 chi_type commented on Savage Love.
That said, the "why" in these cases is usually the patented He's Just Not That Into You. No one big thing just...
Feb 24 chi_type commented on Savage Love.
@3, 6: Jesus, I'm pretty sure that was a joke. You know, a humorous way of pointing out that if you're really into someone (and/or their anatomy) you MAKE time to be with them.
Feb 23 chi_type commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: What Comes Up (Or: A Question From Someone Who Couldn't Follow My Advice to #FuckFirst on Valentine's Day).
One of those fake barfing tubes they use on TV would seem like the obvious workaround.
Feb 9 chi_type commented on I, Anonymous.
Yelp should def be taken with a grain of salt- 1-star reviews are often (entertainingly) batshit crazy and the way reviews get vetted as hidden seems kinda suspect- but if you see the same complaints from people over and over again it's a pretty good bet they might be accurate.
And IA acting like everyone should take the time to go into a minute review w/ the waiter on their night out instead of just writing it up and sharing it in a popular forum invented for that purpose- LOL. LOL I say.
Feb 9 chi_type commented on Fifty Shades of Grey Opens Friday....
Man, that's a lot of words for such a terrible book.

" In an era when women are more empowered than at any time in recorded history, why are so many in thrall to a tale that revolves around a sadistic hero’s need to subjugate and inflict pain on the one he loves?"

I think it's interesting that when it comes to the cliche of the sexually submissive titan-of-industry type guy this is all just kind of taken for granted and no one thinks it has to be a referendum of the validity of his status in society or anything.
Feb 9 chi_type commented on Florida Representative Wants to Throw Trans People in Prison for Using Public Toilets.
Yeah if it means enduring the microscopic possibility of some dude coming in to try to squint at me through the tiny crack in the stall while my pants are at mid-thigh then I'm willing to go there so transwomen can pee in peace!!

Wow, now I know how MLK must have felt. :P
Feb 5 chi_type commented on SL Letter of the Day: More BIBFAULT Fallout.
Dan, you're willingness to give space to your critics, even when many of us other commenters were agreeing with you, is admirable.

Or may you're just kinda a masochist.

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