Nov 30, 2013 Brian2 commented on Officers in Riot Gear Bust Walmart Protesters.
Aww, the Seattleites are jealous that Bellevue had a Black Friday protest and they didn't. How adorable!
Nov 5, 2013 Brian2 commented on Election Night: The Empire Strikes Back!.
There will still be two at-large city council seats. I suspect Conlin will run for one of these.
Jun 20, 2013 Brian2 commented on The Pig Head Situation.
Is your job on the chopping block again? You seem to resort to trolling the veg-crowd every time you need a boost to your replies and views. But hey, if it's working...
Oct 24, 2012 Brian2 commented on The Stranger Election Control Board’s Endorsements For the November 6, 2012, General Election.
Brad Owen is too conservative... So I should vote for Bill Finkbeiner, the Democrat who became a Republican in 1994 of all years?

Finkbeiner is a backstabbing weasel. No thanks.
Aug 24, 2012 Brian2 commented on What is the Difference Between the Lobby of the Washington State Capitol and Lieutenant Governor Brad Owen's Dining Room?.
Owen is mostly harmless. If Finkbeiner barely wins because The Stranger endorsed him and uses his position as Lt. Governor to launch a bid against Senator Murray or Governor Inslee in 2016, it will be your own fault.
Jul 30, 2012 Brian2 commented on County Council Approves the Sonics Arena.
So Ferguson voted for and Dunn voted against. I wonder if this will affect the AG race?
Jul 27, 2012 Brian2 commented on New Poll Gives DelBene First Lead in Democratic Race for WA-01.
It's entirely relevant! The 8th was basically the only seat to swing to the Democrats in 2010. And 2006 was also a Democratic wave year, in case you forgot. I think DelBene would have beaten Reichert in 2006 or 2008. Same with Ruderman and Hobbs if they were in the same district.

Darcy Burner can't connect with voters. DelBene isn't great at it in person but least her ads do it effectively. When I was at the 1st CD caucus, Burner started her speech with some long rant about women's suffrage in Afghanistan. That's great and all, but that's not going to win you a seat in Congress.

And what has she done lately? Opened her big mouth about gun control? Gun control is not a winning issue in WA-01. In fact I'd say it's quite obviously a losing issue, especially when you call for an adult conversation and immediately tell the other side to go to hell.

Koster has barely done anything. He knows he's got a spot in the general. And I guarantee you that Republicans are hoping for a Burner victory right now, because they know she's easy to beat. It's so easy to make 30 second ad convincing voters she's dumb and unqualified. It will be a breeze.
Jul 16, 2012 Brian2 commented on The Big Loser in the WA-01 Money War Could Be Television.
It wouldn't signal anything about TV ads. It would mean that the other candidates destroyed each other and divided the vote enough to allow Burner to squeak by.