Not enough like Twitter.

Oct 14 Avistew commented on Savage Love.
@8 I have to disagree with you. NNP's wife is "post-mononormative" and "misinterprets boundaries" which seems to translate as "has sex with other people and uses various pretentious excuses" which means she's not out of the dating pool at all. And NNP is considering getting a romantic partner of his own. Being together isn't keeping them out of the dating pool at all. It looks like being stuck with her is even encouraging him to date around.
Sep 20 Avistew commented on Wanna Cuddle with Strangers?.
I would so use that app if I didn't know that many people would be trying to get sex. I'd rather cuddle with my friends but most people seem uncomfortable with the idea, and cuddling consenting strangers is better than cuddling non-consenting friends.

Sadly, I expect the app to be riddled with people hoping for sex, so I'll pass on it.
Jul 9 Avistew commented on Claiborne Richardson Wants Pictures of a Kid's Cock.
Forcing a child to get naked, get an unwanted erection, and have pictures taken of his genitals is definitely sexual assault. I don't see how it matters what will happen to the pictures. The point is that a child is getting hurt.

Producing child porn is illegal because children are hurt during the process, not because people are masturbating when watching it. If nobody masturbated, the production would be just as criminal.

This whole commentary section seems to be losing track of what's important. Laws are not about putting people in prison if they do something we think is icky, but doesn't hurt anyone. It's about putting them in prison for hurting people.

Putting the victim in prison is stupid. It's like putting an adult in prison if they get raped by someone under 18. It's backwards. The law is here to protect us and help those who can't defend themselves. We include children in that.

A law that is meant to defend children is leading to a child being sexually abused to prove that he committed the crime of... taking a picture of himself and showing it to his girlfriend. Not to the whole world or anything, no. To his girlfriend, who for all we know has seen his junk countless times already anyways.

Even if she hadn't, the crime should be exposing himself to someone who didn't consent. Hard to back up when she sent pictures first, but that could make some sort of sense. But no, he's being charged for harming himself by taking a picture of himself. Is he watching live child pornography every time he jerks off, then?

Why does he have less right over his own body than the grown adults who will drug him, undress his and take intimate pictures of him, all of which without his consent, do? How does that protect anyone, ever?
Jul 5 Avistew commented on SL Letter of the Day: If Not Unicorns Then What?.
@37 Honestly, I only hear it being repeated. It could be one of those things that people keep saying, but that aren't even true. I'd love to see figures about that.

I do think men tend to be more guarded in their sexuality because it seems we make it more black and white for them. It's like they're completely straight, or they're gay. It's weird. I know so many guys who won't even admit they like anal play in public, not because they're too shy (they talk about tons of other kinky stuff shamelessly), but because they're worried people will think they're gay. Even when they only like women playing with their asses.

I agree that if I only go by the men I've known really, really well (partners or very close friends) it seems a fair amount of them has had a same-sex experience of some sort, and I'm talking about the ones who identify as straight. So I don't think it's particularly rare, but I do think they broadcast it less.

And I forgot to say in my previous post, I've heard "pegasus" used for male unicorns.
Jul 4 Avistew commented on SL Letter of the Day: If Not Unicorns Then What?.
@4: EricaP, you forgot that the "original couple" also usually demand of their "third" to stay in the closet and claim to be the roommate/nanny, not be invited to any family occasion and watch the kids/pets/her toes all evening instead, and so on.

They're not called unicorns because bi-women are rare. They're called unicorns because unicorn hunters are looking for someone who would be willing to put up with so much shit that the only logical conclusion is that they believe in fairy tales. The second they start respecting the women they're looking for, including them in decisions, and making them a full-fledged member of the polycule, they stop being unicorn hunters and whoever they find will not be a unicorn.

It doesn't help that unicorn hunters want their partners to be completely single, and that most bi-women who would fit what they're looking for to at least some extent are already in a relationship with a man and looking for their own "third".

@34: agreed. I'm tired of guys trying to make me sleep with women because "women are never actually straight, you're not even trying". And being straight, I'm probably part of the group that gets the least discrimination from this stupid stereotype. I can only imagine it's much worse for lesbians and for bi women.

I'm also not 100% sold on that idea that female sexuality actually is more fluid. It seems to me it's just stereotyped in a different way. Men used to have same-sex experiences at a young age too, even the straight ones, until being gay became so stigmatized.
Suck one dick... no, talk about sucking on dick, and you're labeled as gay if you're a guy. I'm sure many guys would do it if they could retain their straight label or go for a "bi" one.

Women are encouraged to experiment, men are discouraged from it. Is it really surprising that women experiment more?
May 20 Avistew commented on Savage Love.
I just wanted to point out that women don't have "no choice but to sit to pee". It's possible to learn to pee standing as a (cis) woman. They also sell funnels and stuff but they aren't required.

Which means that really, he's already like a cis woman in that peeing standing or sitting is a choice for him just like it is for us. Standing might be easier for him, but he doesn't need to make it impossible.
May 14 Avistew commented on The Great Facebook Kiss-In.
@10 I think even if it was for comedy and not a genuine kiss, it at least shows that the kiss wasn't a big deal. You, a straight guy, went along with it and didn't burst into flames. Plus it has the benefit of it actually being you on the profile.

If you worry about the pics you already have, you could always take a new one that is meant specifically for this. You're obviously fine with kissing other men and it would be for a good cause.
Apr 9 Avistew commented on How Metal Is Your Period?.
I scored 75. "If Satan himself sacrificed a thousand demon goats, it wouldn’t be half as bloody as what your uterus expels each month. You are the most metal, my friend."
Feb 16 Avistew commented on Things Anti-Gay Assaults Go Better With Coke.
Seriously, poly anonymous? I'm poly too, but I know to show support when gay people are being assaulted rather than complain that I can't get married to both my husbands. At least I'm not getting beaten up over it, and nor are they. And even if I was? Not the place or time here.

You complain that there is a lack of support. I agree, but in this case it's from you.
May 8, 2013 Avistew commented on SL Letter of the Day: What Kind of Straight Guys Watch Gay Porn?.
Are we sure the woman meant she watched gay MALE porn as opposed to gay FEMALE porn? Because if she meant "I'm attracted to guys and I like watching two guys together" and thought it was the same as a guy attracted to women watching two guys together (as opposed to two females together), that has to be one of the stupidest questions I've ever seen.

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