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Nov 15, 2011 TechPixie commented on Beating the Hell Out of Black Children.
In an online group of half Americans and half Europeans, it was found that most of the Americans approved of spanking, and none of the Europeans did. The Europeans hadn't had spanking used on them, the Americans had. "But how were you disciplined?" They couldn't explain/remember. Seems to have worked though.
Jul 6, 2011 TechPixie commented on SL Letter of the Day: Boyfriend's Balls Spotted on CL.
Wow, I bet this guy isn't even bi --- he probably got her pregnant to prove he is "manly" and "straight". And once he's got a baby (for his parents, for society, etc), then he'd happily be off banging guys.

Just who goes into child-raising after only 4 months together???
Jul 6, 2011 TechPixie commented on Savage Love.
One thing that might help with wearing condoms is to get better fitting ones. For some reason the USA does not have really wide condoms, so I import mine from Amsterdam:
(Switch the little flag in the top corner to English if you get Dutch.)

Win all around.

Not all women can do hormonal birth control --- drugs make it less effective and it has side effects. Seen the articles about it changing what men women are attracted to? Eek.
Jun 28, 2011 TechPixie commented on Homophobes.
@17 Ok, there is some leeway here. In some countries, you have to go and have a civil ceremony at the courthouse to get married. Then if you want a religious ceremony, that's afterwards. My international friends are very confused that in a country which claims to enshrine freedom of religion that we don't do this.

Why not make the ceremony be a state thing that you can "make real" later in the chapel?
Jun 25, 2011 TechPixie commented on Homophobes.
@9 Um, like what? You're either married or you aren't.
Jun 25, 2011 TechPixie commented on HRC.
Wow, this was actually interesting. Yeah, where's our political hardball group?
Jun 24, 2011 TechPixie commented on Bisexuals.
I find that I care less about identity politics as I get older.
Jun 17, 2011 TechPixie joined My Stranger Face
Jun 16, 2011 TechPixie commented on Weiner To Resign.
We could just skip all this next time, and require Congressmen running to post dick pics. It would make elections more interesting anyway.

(sorry for the double post above, better not happen this time...)
Jun 16, 2011 TechPixie commented on Weiner To Resign.
What about Clarence Thomas? He didn't do any interesting sex crap that we know of recently, but he did have a great scandal break right when Weiner's did:…"judicial_insider_trading"_of_justice_clarence_thomas,_wife_"ginni"/

Judicial trading, and getting lots of money from the same people he later ruled in favor of on a 5-4 court decision.

Haven't seen that in the press at all. Except once on the Fox News website, wtf.