Jun 26, 2011 Amy Fox commented on Trans Advocates.
Dr. Dreger. As a fellow academic, I ask you to please list your sources. I ask because what you describe bears little resemblance to the requests of trans advocates in my experience. I am curious as to the roots of this discrepancy.

Most trans advocates that I've worked with would support allowing kids to explore gender however the heck they feel like it. Butch girl one day, sissy boy the next, whatever. Just have fun and we'll try to make sure you get treated like a human being. If the child experiences gender-related bodily dysphoria *come puberty,* which is usually several years *after* the "pretending to be a tank engine" phase passes, then most trans advocates think it would be nice if a child has the option of *delaying* puberty, so as not to experience physical changes from their intrinsic endocrine set - physical changes that can only be mitigated through surgery or medication. (how would you like to be a 10-year-old child who knows she is a girl, but who is growing a beard and watching her voice drop, and knowing that fixing this is going to be slow, difficult and/or expensive?) Once the kid's older, they can decide what hormonal and/or surgical course is right for them. If any. Regardless of their gender identities.

Also: many (not all) "third gendered" people in cultures with more than two genders are second-class citizens even within their own culture and many (not all) experience bodily dysphoria and will seek some form of medical transition if accessable.

So please, what are your sources on this article? As a PhD, I assume you have a list.
Jun 26, 2011 Amy Fox commented on Bisexuals.
Dear Dan,

Here *I* am writing advice to *you*:

Nothing good ever starts with the phrase, "I'm not [insert ...phobic or ...ist]."

I'm a tg butch dyke who dates bi/pan/queer women pretty much exclusively. Mostly because they tend to carry around less bullshit that most lesbians (i.e. biphobia, transphobia, and exclusively dating their ex's exes). They've told their friends, their parents and their coworkers that theyre bi. It's on their social networking profile. They've worked the Queer activist front. But when they're with me, everyone thinks they're "gay now." When they're with men they've "gone straight, and the queer was "just a phase." (so lesbians won't date them... so they're more likely to date men... so lesbians won't date them... repeat).

I've dated one avowed kinsey 6 lesbian, and she put "bisexual" on her personal profile just to scare off cliquey dykes.

Maybe I know less about men? But the bi guys I know are also out. But even wearing an "I fuck dudes" shirt around the village won't change how people see them.

These people are OUT. The problem is not a lack of activism on their part, it's a lack of het and gay people listening. The only time I see closeted bisexuals as a problem are the biphobic dykes and gay men who cover up their own bisexuality by attacking that of others. Given this, shall I question your sexuality?
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