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Apr 27, 2013 JerryBear commented on One Out of Two Bushes Think Jeb Bush Should Run for President.
That would be fun if he run - especially for some people in Europe. You see, in at least one Slavic language, "Jeb Bush" means "F..k Bush". Those posters would be priceless!
Nov 9, 2012 JerryBear commented on Jews: The Other White People.
I was able to rationalize it, but I'm afraid that those vitriolic "Jewish Republican Coalition" ads triggered antisemitic reactions among simpler folks who thought they were representing views of majority of Jewish people. I hope statistics like those from current post will help to clear their minds.
Oct 25, 2012 JerryBear commented on Tina Fey on the GOP's Rape Obsession.
Can somebody finally rape those idiots? Nothing better than first-hand experience if you refuse to acknowledge reality...
Somebody could adorn Murdock or Akin with a wig and some dress, then lock them up for the night with hungry inmate in a high-security prison cell. What would be their level of acceptance of God's will afterwards?
(Yes, i know - the inmate would have to have very poor eyesight...)
Oct 24, 2012 JerryBear commented on Here's Something I Learned on Twitter Today.
Technically speaking, "malpy" (ortographically 'małpy', but some browsers may have problems with crossed 'l') is the plural of "malpa". The translation should be "Not my circus, not my monkeys".
Oct 23, 2012 JerryBear commented on Savage Love.
Am I the only one crept out by the blow-up doll picture?
Oct 23, 2012 JerryBear answered a bunch of weird questions about himself or herself.
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May 23, 2012 JerryBear commented on SL Letter of the Day: Show This Woman Some Love.
First things first: you are great person and you have my love and respect.
And, as some smart people pointed out earlier, do the legal stuff - it may be hard to believe, but your "family" can do you much more harm than it did so far using law system. You HAVE TO be prepared, so do the guardianship, will, power-of-attorney stuff at your earliest convenience.
Finally, big question: will it ever stop hurting? No, but with some serious work you can reduce pain from the 'stabbing' to 'prick' level. Therapy can help, but you may have problems finding therapist without religious bias in Virginia - plus it may be expensive. If you are still religious after all the pain and suffering your "family" caused you, find more open, accepting church.
And try something I have done when a person managed to hurt me very deeply 15 years ago: get rid of all material things that you kept from home: this includes the bible you "father" gave you. They emotionally tie you back to them and will never let you move on. One symbolic gesture can make miracles: pick family photo, burn it saying "Disappear from my life as those ashes" and blow the ashes outside of your home.
And please remember: you owe nothing to your "family" - they owe you very deep apologies you are not even obliged to accept if you think they are not sincere. And if they ever wake up from their religious stupor, it is their duty to seek contact, not yours.
To some previous commenters of religious background: birth "family" like VABG's does not deserve love and hate, it only deserves forgetting. No amount of outpouring love will make them better, because they already consider themselves 'true and only best'.

Love, hugs, and best wishes to you - stay strong and be happy.

Jerry from Henderson, NV
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