Strangercrombie 2010: The Stranger's Annual Holiday Gift Auction

Food Vegetable Lover's Package

Vegetable Lover's Package

Donated by Loving Hut / Lucky Palate Vegetarian Meal Service / / The SweatBox

Get healthy in the New Year with a gift from Lucky Palate Vegetarian Meal Service, which will get you at least six vegetarian and/or vegan dishes delivered to your home. For a night you feel like going out, enjoy $25 worth of vegan eats at Loving Hut. Work off all that food with 30 days of unlimited Bikram yoga at SweatBox (see for schedule), and since a little indulgence never hurt anyone, we'll throw in a little something from Coopers Brewery. (See the print version of the Strangercrombie catalog for complete details.)

Closed at $197.50

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