Dimitriou's Jazz Alley

(2033 Sixth Ave, 441-9729, www.jazzalley.com)

This is the place to hear national and international jazz acts nearly every night of the week. If you live in Seattle and have not heard of Jazz Alley, then it's possible you have never heard of jazz music.


(2214 Second Ave, 443-4221, www.tulas.com)

If Jazz Alley is about national/international acts, Tula's is all about our city's jazz talent. Tula's and Jazz Alley are downtown's main jazz planets.

Egan's Ballard Jam House

(1707 NW Market St, 789-1621, www.ballardjamhouse.com)

This establishment has a strong commitment to young jazz performers. Indeed, it's hard to tell if it's a club or a school, and this confusion is meaningful because the original place for a jazz education was not a school like Cornish but a club like Egan's. Jazz and blues happen here from Tuesdays to Saturdays.

The Triple Door

(216 Union St, 838-4333, www.thetripledoor.com)

This popular downtown spot always has jazz on Mondays and lots of jazz shows on its calendar. It's especially great when people play jazz near that huge fish tank in the bar. It feels very noirish.

Royal Room

(5000 Rainier Ave S, 906-9920, www.theroyalroomseattle.com)

Though partly owned by one of the stars of Seattle's jazz scene, Wayne Horvitz, the Royal Room isn't strictly a jazz club. On some nights, you may hear African music; on others, rock. But on Wednesday night, you can always catch the Royal Jazz Session, which features Brendan O'Donnell (guitar), Carmen Rothwell (bass), Chris Icasiano (drums), and Gus Carns (piano).


(2043 Eastlake Ave E, 323-0807, www.serafinaseattle.com)

This restaurant hosts live jazz (trios and duos) on the weekends.


(6421 Latona Ave NE, 526-1188, www.monasseattle.com)

This bistro and lounge hosts live jazz Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. They also have a 9-to-10 pm happy hour.


(927 Ninth Ave, 397-4053, www.vitosseattle.com)

Jazz happens here on almost every night. Ron Weinstein Trio, Michael Navedo Quartet, Darrius Willrich Trio, and Jerry Zimmerman are some of the acts that contribute to Vito's defining mood, which is somewhere between "The Velvet Fog" and "Lush Life."


(2501 Eastlake Ave E, 726-4966, www.hiroshis.com)

It's Friday night, and suddenly you have the urge to eat sushi and listen to live jazz. Where to go? The answer's easy: Hiroshi's.

Lucid Jazz Lounge

(5241 University Way NE, 402-3042, www.lucidseattle.com)

This jazz joint has a great atmosphere and a calendar that features solid jazz acts like the Kareem Kandi Band and the Cornish-educated/NYC-based jazz singer Kelly Ash. It's open Wednesday through Saturday and there's never a cover.


(1510 11th Ave, 325-8263, www.barcaseattle.com)

Jazz happens here every Thursday. And this jazz, which happens for free, is performed by Phil Sparks and Adam Kessler from 9 pm until midnight.