B&O Espresso: CLOSED (Ballard)

5404 Leary Avenue NW
Seattle, WA 98107

Categories: Cafe, Restaurant

Restaurant Details

  • The dessert-and-coffee-shop B&O Espresso has been on the corner of Belmont Avenue and Olive Way for 30-plus years—it's a Capitol Hill institution. (Some might argue that the desserts taste institutional, but most people seem to love them.) A little-known fact: The "B" and the "O" stand for the intersection, not the railroad. B&O Espresso’s new location in Ballard is smaller than the old Capitol Hill one, and “more like a dessert cafe,” says owner Jane Lukatah.
  • Features: Breakfast/Brunch, Cheap Eats, Late-Night Dining, Outdoor Seating, Romantic and To Go
  • Cuisine: Bakery, Cafe, Coffee Shop and Dessert
  • Serving Hours: Mon-Thurs 7 am-midnight, Fri 7 am-1 am, Sat 8 am-1 am, Sun 8 am-midnight.
  • Price Range: $

Other Locations

B&O Espresso Closed

204 Belmont Ave E
Seattle, Washington, 98102 (Capitol Hill)
(206) 322-5028

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B&O Espresso
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