Guanaco's Tacos Pupuseria

219 Broadway E, 328-6288; 4106 Brooklyn Ave NE, 547-2369

Hello, pancake. Have you gained weight?

Hello, I am not a pancake! I am a pupusa, which is pronounced "poo-poo-sa." Also, I am not fat, I am plump, and that is because I am filled with beans, cheese, and chicken.

I'm sorry. I actually think you're adorable. Who's your friend over there?

That's some coleslaw. We're just chillin'. You can also order me with grilled chicken ($11.50 as an entrée with rice, beans, tortillas, and salad), steak tacos ($2.85 each), or baby-corn tamales ($3.25 each).

What if I'm thirsty?

Wash me down with a Salvadoran cola called "Champagne." It tastes like bubble gum and its fruity notes complement me quite nicely.

As a Salvadoran food that is sometimes mistaken for an American food, what do you make of Taco Bell's American food that is often mistaken for Mexican food?

Culture travels in confusing ways. But people should try real Salvadoran food before they say anything about it.