So you're the managers of Royal Booze & Burritos. What bands played your famously loud opening party?

Chris Moore: The Spittin' Cobras and Lucky Machete. I turned into a lifelong Spittin' Cobras fan that night.

Trevor Marsh: Dishes were falling off the shelves.

I really like that row of lights made from mason jars over the bar.

TM: I wanted to just use bare bulbs and pipes—an electrician built those lights based on that concept. We're using a lot of found materials. A crackhead stole the door off our original walk-in, so we turned the remaining pieces into our back wall.

I see Grillos Mexicanos on the menu. Where does one buy crickets for culinary purposes?

CM: We have a guy based in South Park who sources them from Oaxaca.

Are there special crickets for frying like there are special frying chickens?

CM: He could have gotten us all kinds of insects. He could hook us up with some grubs. All the crickets he gives us are the same kind.

What's in the Satan's Semen shot? Does it come with a holy water and Plan B chaser?

TM: It's Baileys, grenadine, and peach schnapps. It's a popular 21-run drink. I'll make you one! recommended