Juicy and rare. Alex Penney
BUTT Magazine, Spring Issue 2009

Some might recognize Seth Bogart as the keyboard player and singer from the hamburger-loving electro-pop band Gravy Train!!!!. Now he's also the mustachioed, leather-jacket-wearing lead singer of bubblegummy, homorrific garage band Hunx and His Punx. I don't think I've ever heard a band quite like them. The best way I can think to describe them is if someone put equal parts Ramones, John Waters, and the Ronettes in a blender with some ice and made hot-pink frozen daiquiris to serve at one of those big gay pool parties where everyone looks like early-'80s-era Freddie Mercury in a bathing suit. Hunx and His Punx have released singles on San Francisco label True Panther (think Ty Segall), Atlanta's Rob's House (think Demon's Claws, Black Lips, Golden Triangle), and Jay Reatard's Shattered Records. I predict their weird trashy combo of '60s girl-group styling and catchy lo-fi punk is going to seriously take them places, especially if Bogart keeps taking his clothes off every chance he gets. Much like the lyrics to new single "Cruising," I'd bet dollars to doughnuts he really does have "so many fellas, [he] makes all the girls jealous."

So you're Hunx, who are your Punx?
They're Ian Baldridge, Erin Emslie, David Scharf, and Justin Champlin.

Wait a minute! Isn't Justin Champlin that half-man, half-jackalope pop-punker Nobunny?

Is it true that Nobunny wrote the first Hunx/Punx songs, with the intention of high-school girls singing them?
Yeah. Nobunny also wrote the songs because he had a big crush on me, even though he's mostly into girls. My beautiful voice won him over. We dated for a while, but then he dumped me.

Your songs sound sweet, but they're really pretty raunchy. What's your favorite Hunx/Punx lyric?
Probably from "Cruising": "I like my boys like steak, all juicy and rare..."

Your live shows look like John Waters's closet barfed all over an unsuspecting band—covering them in leather, lipstick, capes, pantyhose, and the occasional bow tie. What's the weirdest thing you've ever worn onstage?
A girl's bikini... wigs that don't fit... um, jockstraps. Oh, and edible underwear.

What's the weirdest venue you've ever played?
We've played bat mitzvahs. They're always a blast and pay really well, too.

You played a BUTT Magazine party last night. Who's a tougher crowd, the gays or the garage punks?
I love the way the gays sometimes think our band is too punk for them. They're waaay more attractive and more fun than the average dumb garage dude.

If you could sing a song with any one person, living or dead, who would it be?
Little Richard. He is perfect. I also wouldn't mind singing one with Boy George, Kate or Cindy from the B-52s... or Selena!

You make great videos—how about making a video with any person, living or dead? And for what song?
I'd hire Gallagher and Rodney Dangerfield for the song "Good Kisser." I'd have them kiss 100 of the hottest gay guys I know, and then they would have to decide which one should be my boyfriend.

Speaking of hot gay guys, um, HEL-LO! Page 20 of the new BUTT Magazine? You're in the shower with your, uh, great big Hunx-junk showing through your wet T-shirt! Would you ever let it all hang out on a record cover?
Already have. I'm fully naked on the cover of my first single, "Gimmie Gimmie Back Your Love/You Don't Like Rock & Roll." We made two covers. The X-rated one is sold out. You can still buy it on eBay for 40 bucks, though.

I would always give you back my love. Hey, last question—do YOU believe in love?
Yes, I believe in love—especially love at first sight. recommended