Tom Oaxley

DIGITALISM Go Boom and Pop

Digitalism (Jens Moelle and Ismail Tüfekçi) burst into many Americans' consciousness in 2007 with Idealism, which boomed bassily and shredded stridently in the slipstream left by Daft Punk and their acolytes in the Ed Banger Records stable. It was geared to move people as explosively as possible, and like a lot of electro-house from the mid-'00s, it's the soundtrack to cocainey hedonism. This year's I Love You Dude combines slick, upbeat electronic pop for young lovers along with some slightly harder, darker Ed Banger–esque dance-floor tools, the best of which is "ReeperBahn." It has immediate appeal, but its durability seems dubious. "Forrest Gump" is a collab with the Strokes' Julian Casablancas—not a great selling point in my book. Jack Beats—UK duo DJ Plus One (2001 DMC world champ Niall Ferguson) and the Mixologists' Beni G—make high-energy, kooky-effects-laden electro tracks for extroverts. Their fans include Big Boi, Lady Sovereign, and John B. Gesaffelstein is a Frenchman whose techno tracks morph compellingly from minimal to maximal, excelling at the cerebral and the physical with equal aplomb. Showbox at the Market, 8 pm, $30, all ages.



Los Angeles producer Dntel (aka Jimmy Tamborello) guided the Postal Service to gold status with Give Up. Minus PS vocalist Ben Gibbard, Dntel forges texturally edgier, more intricately rhythmic electronic compositions—especially on his '90s releases for the Phthalo label (look for the triple-disc set, Early Works for Me if It Works for You II). This tour's in support of the deluxe Sub Pop reissue of Dntel's 2001 disc, Life Is Full of Possibilities, a dulcetly melodic and lushly atmospheric work that foreshadows the Postal Service's cuddly bedroomtronica. With the One AM Radio, Geotic. Neumos, 8 pm, $10, 21+.



Jam Jam hosts Mista Chatman (aka DJ Collage) and DJ Element just celebrated five years of weekly adrenaline enhancing through the prism of vintage and new Jamaican-based music: dancehall, roots reggae, and dub. Ain't no stopping these true believers now. Baltic Room, 9 pm, $5/women free before 11 pm, 21+.