Steven Weissman

You would tell me all your troubles with your friends, and I would help you find solutions. When your best friend acted crazy and threatened suicide, I put you in touch with a therapist to talk over your feelings of guilt and manipulation. When you lost your housing, I helped you to get into an apartment and furnished it for you and encouraged you to get through college. When you wanted to start a design business, I bought you the machines you needed for a graduation present. When you were hitting your boyfriend over his online porn addiction, I recommended you get counseling and figure out if you could work this out or if you should let go. So when I was told that you might harm yourself if I talked to you, I was completely baffled and confused. At first I felt angry and betrayed. But I backed off and have not made any attempt to contact you or to know what is going on in your life for almost three years. Now you are making false accusations against me that are costing me thousands of dollars in attorney fees. And I found out only a few weeks ago the horrendous lies you told the courts about me years ago, just like all the lies you told over the years whenever you wanted sympathy to cover your bad behaviors. I may be a slow learner, but I have learned what to expect from you now. I have all the evidence: photos of you and your boyfriend smiling at my birthday party, the letters and postcards you sent me saying "Love always," etc. Your miserable life is your own doing, not mine. Love, Mom