Lava Lounge (Belltown)

2226 Second Ave
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 441-5660

When you want to hole up somewhere dark and comfy, the Lava is one great Belltown dive. You've got your shuffleboard, your pinball, and your booze, all in a dimly lit, sort of goth-tropical atmosphere—sunset mural, mounted shark jaws, and thatched roofs interspersed with ventriloquist dummies and a taxidermied crow covered in dust. Past celebrity guests reportedly include Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell (who would come in with his pit bull and play shuffleboard alone, all alone) and movie star Kevin Spacey (who was quiet and had wine). And as of late 2012, the good people of nearby Bathtub Gin own the Lava, and they will keep it the same—just with more rum and tiki drinks.
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Lava Lounge
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