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Med Mix (Central District)

1400 23rd Ave
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 257-4397

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  • Med Mix has an inexpensive mixed menu of the Mediterranean and way, way beyond—including gyros, fish 'n' chips, fried chicken, and, in an apparent nod to previous occupant Philly Cheese Steak, Philly cheese steaks. (There are no kosher baked goods honoring the short-lived Beehive Bakery.) The first location in Pioneer Square provides falafel for the hungry/inebriated until four in the morning. NOTE: The Central District location—the site of multiple murders under previous ownership (not including Beehive Bakery)—was torched by an arsonist in August 2013. Med Mix owner Otmane Bezzaz plans to rebuild as of this writing.
  • Features: Cheap Eats, Late-Night Dining and To Go
  • Cuisine: Mediterranean/Greek and Middle Eastern
  • Price Range: $

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Mediterranean Mix

205 First Ave S
Seattle, WA, 98104 (Pioneer Square)
(206) 341-9265

Average Rating:
  • 3.67000/5 Stars.
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This guy has fly crusted old ass pictures of his food posted because he thinks his customers are too stupid to know what a falafel looks like? MMMMM. Can't wait to eat there. Does he think they know the difference between dog and lamb? I wonder.
Posted by deechy on June 27, 2012 at 8:47 PM · Report this

Healthy Fast Food

I live in the neighborhood and have been three times in the twelve days that they are open. I was originally worried about the large menu. It appears that these guys just do alot of different types of food really well. At least with the fried chicken, chicken and rice, onion rings and all of the traditionally mediterranean type foods of which I've tried most. This is house made fresh food - including many sides and sauces. I generally stay away from all fast food and this place gets my five stars as it has many options for myself (more veggie type options) as well as my friends' kids who want a hotdog and fries and my neighbor who goes for the Philly Cheese. The prices are fair and affordable and the staff are great. We are thrilled to have something there that serves a wide range of food preferences and keeps that dining room full. And there's actually parking for those not in the neighborhood. Now lets see something happen on some of those other corners!
Posted by nik99 on May 7, 2012 at 11:37 AM · Report this

Best Mediterranean

I have been a fan of Med Mix since around 2004 when I used to go get lunch and late night treats in their downtown location. To have a new location open up in my neighborhood rocks. I have tried just about all their Mediterranean dishes, the fact that they also have fried chicken and other american fast foods gives you the freedom to get what you want if your friends all want gyros but you had your gyros for lunch yesterday and is in the mood for something else today while you are all going out to lunch together in one place. I think the cultural integration and vast creativity and experience makes this the best Mediterranean in Seattle. Congrats Med Mix, it is a blessing that folks like you step up a take a chance at opening our minds and expand our gastronomic experience. I looked at the news to see when this was opening after I had seen construction start and the coming soon signs to find assholes dissing it on blogs before they even tried it and giving it 2 month to survive, blah blah... well fuck u, for here is another success story about to unfold of someone bringing the neighborhood jobs, and a great place for late night reasonably priced treats. My favorite is their Chicken Shawarma. PS. thanks for keeping the place clean, the last thing you feel like dealing with after a long day and another shift starting in the morning,
but one reason keep coming back. I have many restaurants I like
but often have to choose between best tasting or clean atmosphere, but not with Med Mix where you get it all!
Posted by alchion on April 29, 2012 at 5:50 PM · Report this

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Med Mix
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