Green star Poppy (Capitol Hill)

622 Broadway E
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 324-1108

At Poppy, former Herbfarm maestro Jerry Traunfeld fuses the Indian culinary tradition of the thali—a platter featuring a variety of small dishes—with his long-standing love of local/seasonal ingredients and ambitious Northwest cuisine. (The most local ingredients come from the garden he created in back—quite a change from the rear exit of the former tenant, the gay bar the Elite.) The interior is prototypically urban-contemporary: exposed brick walls, close-set tables, simple Scandinavian-style design (though the poppy-orange dots that accent the woodwork and menu feel a little forcibly whimsical). After an early experiment with a set thali menu, diners were granted more choices, and those who have the money are finding a lot to like. Strapped-but-adventurous types should try the great happy hour.
Hours: Tue-Thurs, Sun: 5:30-10 pm; bar menu 5-11 pm Fri-Sat: 5:30-11 pm, bar menu 5 pm-midnight
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Bar Details

  • Happy Hour: Mon-Thu 9:30-11 pm ($6 naanwich, $6 wells and cocktails, $3 drafts, and $5 wine); Mon-Thu, Sun 5-6:30 pm ($6 thali specials, $6 wells and cocktails, $3 drafts, and $5 wine).
  • Features: Full Menu, Happy Hour and Romantic
  • Price Range: $$$

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Amazing food, service, and great with food allergies!

We visited Poppy during Restaurant Week and were amazed by the food and great service. I ordered the vegetarian Thali with corn cakes and my partner ordered the cod thali. The appetizers were hot and fresh- and the perfect portion size.

When ordering my thali, both vegetarian options had elements that I am allergic to (apples on one, figs on the other.) After asking the server what my options were, he gave me the choice of either leaving out that part of the thali, replacing it with a different one, or leaving out the allergen from the specific dish. I took the risk and left out the figs from the raddicio/pumkin seed salad and was not disappointed. Even though the taste was probably different than what the Chef had intended, the taste was still amazing.

My favorite element of my thali was either the corn cakes with goat cheese, or the fingerling potatoes with mint and rosemary. My rosemary lemonade was also delicious.

For dessert, I had the bittersweet chocolate with ginger and cashews and my partner had the goat cheese pudding. Sounds weird- but both were so delicious.

It felt like a game- trying each dish on the plate and trying to guess exactly what was it in.

Overall- great experience, albeit a little bit pricey, but that's what I was expecting. Afterall, all the ingredients are local and seasonal (the herbs are grown on site.)

I would highly recommend Poppy- it's a great option especially for vegetarians.
Posted by no_such_number on October 26, 2010 at 12:23 PM · Report this

Some people just don't understand

I'm amazed that some of these reviewers give this place a low rating simply because they don't like the decor or because they have no idea how to deal with having a non-traditional spread like a thali... you ordered it, right? Didn't you know that there was more than a few things in the dish?? What, you were too shy to ask the server what the hell it's all about??!?!! SHEESH. Grow up. First of all, the quality and preparation of this food is top notch. I have always had my taste buds dazzled by the many meals I've had at Poppy, all the way from the awesome cocktails, innovative and tasty appetizers, the well-rounded thalis, and the to-die-for desserts. If you're put off by a restaurant that is not the usual run-of-the-mill, do us all a favor and don't even bother... there are plenty of predictable and safe joints within walking distance.
Posted by selbstdenker on March 19, 2010 at 8:01 PM · Report this

Bland food, expensive, uncomfortable


The appetizers are tasty and cooked to order. If I went again, I'd probably just order appetizers.

They serve some nice beers.


Overpriced for what you get.

All of the food on the 'thali' plate was served at room temperature. I can't believe you can get away with this and have people pay $$$.

The Indian-inspired menu is bland. Real Indian food has much more flavor and spirit.

The appetizers and mixed cocktails are very expensive. I didn't try any of the cocktails, but I'm guessing they're good.

The restaurant is noisy, and you sit in uncomfortable chairs around a Formica-topped table. Grade C for atmosphere.

Posted by CCSea on March 18, 2009 at 5:02 PM · Report this

All around great! The food breaks you out of your old way of eating, the flavors are right on, I could eat and eat and eat, more please, keep it up and you will have me back many more times. Coctails are new and tasty, go, eat, drink, you will not be disapointed!
Posted by Foodiegal on February 26, 2009 at 10:20 AM · Report this

I was underwhelmed.

The interior is ugly. Someone else wrote it looks like a cafeteria- my thought exactly. I was also put off by the tray of seven different things. While I was eating my chard, my cauliflower & beef was getting cold. I felt like I was in a race against time! Though that half of it wasn't good at all made it easier to focus on what was good. For thirty-odd dollars for the thali, I was pissed I was still hungry. The drinks are incredible, however.
Posted by Katie B on January 3, 2009 at 8:42 PM · Report this

well the drinks are good

I appreciate it when someone tries to rethink Indian food and break away from the standard Americanized Punjabi Indian restaurant. Unfortunately at $36 for a plate of decent, but not great food I don't plan on going back...for the food.

THE DRINKS!!!! So good. So strong. So interesting. Get the one with coconut water and curry leaves. It's to die for.
Posted by zephsright on November 13, 2008 at 8:46 AM · Report this

I dig it!

I like lots of variety. When i look at most menus, I want to order 6 or 7 things, but of course I have to choose and commit to only 2 (starter and entree). So this thali thing is great! I liked everything (except maybe the rice which was kind of bland but I guess provides a base for everthing around it). The cocktails were awesome, and I think the space looks really cool.
Posted by foddieluv on October 30, 2008 at 12:51 PM · Report this

Very mediocre

The atmosphere is like a cafeteria. The food too is like a cafeteria that you might find in India. The flavors were overall very boring. The menu was clothes-pinned to a litle board and everybody had to share it. The dessert was the only saving grace.
Posted by DN on October 18, 2008 at 7:27 AM · Report this

great food....hopefully keeps variety coming

Was excited to see this place open - it's just a couple blocks from my house(I was actually hoping it was a lounge or bar). Went late on a Saturday night, the service was still good and I thought the food was excellent. The thali dinner seemed a bit pricey at first but we skipped the appetizers, had cocktails and were too full for dessert. I really liked the varied flavors and the multiple portions. Many of the dishes were similar to what I ate in India but with interesting twists. My only concern would be that the menu itself is a bit limited so the selections need to change frequently if they want repeat business.
Posted by mjgirl74 on October 16, 2008 at 1:55 PM · Report this

Fantastic food and great setting

Loved the food. The mix of flavors was both creative and delicious. It had been a while since I had food that was so well made. A little pricey (appetizer, dinner, desert and drinks were around $150 for 2), but well worth your while. Highly recommended.
Posted by german.mun on October 14, 2008 at 12:24 AM · Report this

Don't believe the hype

We so wanted this place to be great. Walking distance, modest prices, world's greatest chef... Nope. My bet is that by spring he'll have to revamp the entire concept so as to win repeat customers. The Indian thing is boring. We spent $150 for two on a forgettable meal. That's not the new Broadway I'm looking for. Seems the captive Herbfarm audience spoiled our honored chef into thinking he can do exactly as he pleases.
Posted by roag on October 13, 2008 at 4:24 PM · Report this

Keshmeshi said the food sucked...

So it has to be good. I highly recommend it.
Posted by Vikas Khanna on September 20, 2008 at 3:00 PM · Report this

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