Ashley Robinson

Description: A 12th Avenue bar, coffee shop, and eatery where sleek industrial architecture mingles pleasantly with a collection of living-room knickknacks (record shelving, Pegasus poster, potted plants).

Added bonus: Indoor ping-pong table!

List of businesses that previously occupied Watertown's current space: Model T store with a basement speakeasy, cafe racer motorcycle shop, glass-blowing studio.

States that have a city called Watertown, and their past celebrity residents: Wisconsin—Meinhardt Raabe (he played the munchkin coroner in The Wizard of Oz, who famously soloed in the cold-blooded party anthem "Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead"), New York—Maggie Rizer (a fast-rising supermodel in the late '90s who amassed a $7 million fortune, which her stepfather quietly squandered away on lotto tickets and booze), Massachusetts—Helen Keller (she studied there at a school for the blind; more importantly, if Helen Keller fell in the woods, would she make a sound?).

Happy hours: Daily 4–7 pm.

Happy-hour drink specials: $3 well drinks, $2.50 PBR tall boys, 50 cents off wine and beer (Rogue Dead Guy bottle, Guinness widget can), $5.50 PBR/Evan Williams boilermakers.

Happy-hour food specials: A limited $3 menu, which includes chips with salsa or hummus with pita. recommended