Oh! My God, how we've missed her—how long we've long-suffered! How pinely we've pined! The runaway train of fame and glory didn't even pause to catch its breath after Jinkx Monsoon won RuPaul's Drag Race Season 5, and she's been from hell to breakfast being famous and working her little red fanny off since. (Australia! Amsterdam! San Francisco! Off Broadway! On Broadway! Nowhere near fucking Broadway! And so forth!) She stopped in for a hot minute to give us a little Hedwig, of course, and once or twice more for this and/or that, but now our li'l Jinkxy has finally come home to roost for the foreseeable now. And how is she spending her time? Well. She returns to the scene of many crimes (the Eagle) to work that go-go cage like a really expensive $2 hooker. (There is precedent, you understand; she's worked that cage before.) It's a Nark event, of course (they practically own Fridays at the Eagle), and the event is featuring wonderful others, as well: Futurewife and Erin O'Conner will be responsible for the music, Angel Snow-Bunny will perform a little bit, and the way-too-sexy Baby Bear and Dave Raring from Julia's will take the cage when Jinkx has to take a tinkle or something. (I know, I know! It might seem a bit incongruous—odd even!—to be pawing dollar bills all over a queen who could buy and sell you three times over. But hey, it's tradition.) The Eagle, 9 pm, $10–$20, 21+.



All this talk of Jinkx Monsoon puts me squarely in the mood for a magical night of musical theater (so campy, so fey, so tragically gay!), and lucky for everyone, my probably third-favorite musical of all flipping time is happening at ACT Theatre (in conjunction with the 5th Avenue), featuring every Seattleite's most paranoid nightmare—big weed that overconsumes you. Little Shop of Horrors! I'm seeing this particular production for the first time tonight, but our friend Christopher Frizzelle assures us that the production is insanely delightful ("Revelatory," he says! "A marvel of language," he says!). And I fully plan to be belting out "SOMEWHERE THAT'S GREEEEEEEEEEEN" and weeping on a loop for at least a week. ACT Theatre, 2 and 8 pm, $49–$79, through June 15. recommended