Consider tonight an opportunity to catch up with some local bands you may not have heard from in a while. Winnebago are set to formally celebrate their newest release, All by My Side, which shows the band fine-tuning their bedroom shoegaze jams. Songs don't necessarily explode out of the gate, but instead plot out their own wandering journey, taking cues from the dreamy pop of Wild Nothing and the restrained-yet-no-less-dazzling math rock of American Football.

As the singer of Brite Lines, Zach Gore often sounds like a wise old friend, someone who is eager to steer you toward safety and away from the perils of small-town America. He can be emphatic in his vocal delivery, with lyrics that are populated with ghosts, failed relationships, escapism, and the dangerous allure of darkened forests. These cautionary tales are coupled with a smooth and emotive folk-rock sound, recalling bands like Wilco or Beulah at their softer moments.

Meanwhile, we've heard comparatively less material from Valerie Warren, but her music is billed as a refuge from "the pressures of life and the city." After listening to her sparse and gentle solo-acoustic songs, I couldn't agree more with this sentiment. Hollow Earth Radio, 8:30 pm, $7 donation.



On her new single, "West Coast," Lana Del Rey is being carried out to sea in an LA riptide, existing between the competing currents of Hollywood glamour and downtown squalor, crushing fatalism and big dreams of fame. The song shows Del Rey at her best—as one of the most captivating singers in pop music today—infusing vintage and lush Americana music with a modern blitheness. If "West Coast" is any indication, her upcoming album, Ultraviolence, will be darker and more stripped-down compared to her earlier work, which occasionally fell flat when it hewed closer to more conventional club-banger aesthetics. As Del Rey's first proper concert in Seattle (if you exclude an in-store performance at Easy Street Records in 2012), the show sold out within five seconds of going on sale, so this is mostly a reminder for those who scooped up their tickets a few months ago. For everyone else, be prepared to meet wallet-draining ticket prices from Craigslist dealers and your neighborhood scalper. WaMu Theater, 8 pm, $59.70–$200. recommended