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The news agency AP broke this story, which it obtained from a memo. AP: "The Trump administration is considering a proposal to mobilize as many as 100,000 National Guard troops to round up unauthorized immigrants, including millions living nowhere near the Mexico border." The White House claims the story is false. But we know very well that the current fact-challenged administration says lots and lots of things that are blatantly false, and so the AP report is probably true. This is just another day in alternative America.
Testing for the Trump infection...
Testing for the Trump infection... leoniepow/Gettyimages.com

But let's think about this for a moment. Everyone knows about the Ebola virus. It spreads very quickly, has a high mortality rate, and makes its victim's final days a total nightmare. But it is indeed the speed and spectacle of this disease that makes it less effective than, say, the human immunodeficiency virus, which is extremely dangerous because it is so slow and less showy. When Ebola hits, it fills our eyes and our front pages with its horror stories. People respond to it immediately. There is no sleeping with Ebola. A less spectacular disease, on the other hand, does not cause as much panic. They kill us softly. Take us apart bit by bit, until we are just flesh and bones with one foot in the grave. All I'm saying is that Trump is the Ebola virus of American politics.

Bill Proposed by GOP State Senator Dinosaur Rossi: Would give jurisdictions the option to "opt out of paying for the Sound Transit 3 extension." Dinosaur Rossi ran for Washington state governor in 2004, and lost to Christine Gregoire; ran for governor again in 2008, and lost again; ran for a seat in the US Senate in 2010, and failed to win that. So, how did he make his return? By way of the graveyard. A death opened the creaking gate to an open seat. The dead, not the living, renewed his political career. This fact makes Rossi even more monstrous than a vampire, which is sustained by the blood of life. From the tombstone of a seat, Rossi is now making every effort to kill what ever he can of Sound Transit's ST3, a project the living voted for by a huge margin. Dinosaur Rossi's hate of Sound Transit and public transportation is not new. It goes way back to the land before time.

Man Suspected of Voyeurism Wanted by Bellingham Police: According to KOMO, four college-aged women in Bellingham have each reported to the police an incident involving an unknown man looking at them through a window. Three of these incidents took place in the morning. At that time, the suspect "shined a flashlight through their window." The police want the public's help in identifying and arresting this creep.

King County Dumping 50 Million Gallons of Human Waste Into the Puget Sound Per Day: When is this shit going to end?

Pet Squirrel in Idaho Attacks a Teen Burglar: The squirrel even has a name, Joey. It was at home doing its domestic thing when a person it did not recognize entered the house and attempted to steal a gun from a safe. Joey jumped on and scratched the burglar, who was surprised to find a squirrel in the house. Who keeps a squirrel as a fucking pet? Obviously someone in the suburbs of Boise, Idaho. Herald Net has the story.

Boeing Workers in South Carolina Overwhelmingly Vote Against Unionization: And get a visit from Trump. The bosses just love these workers, who are opposed to collective bargaining. They just want to work and be independent. That's the South Carolina way.

South Carolina White Male Accused of and Arrested for Planning a Dylann Roof-Style Attack: Feds say it all began when Benjamin Thomas Samuel McDowell, age 29, wrote "a long, misspelled rant about Jews, the 'white race' and Roof, who was found guilty in December of murdering nine black worshipers at a Charleston church in 2015." It ended with McDowell trying to buy a gun from a man he thought was a member of the Aryan organization but who was in fact an undercover agent. McDowell allegedly told this undercover agent that he wanted to commit a terrorist act. His words, according to the FBI: "I seen what Dylann Roof did and in my heart I reckon I got a little bit of hatred ... I want to do that shit." South Carolina is not on list of terrorist-prone places in the world. Headline from NY Daily News: "Donald Trump remains silent as white men continue to terrorize America."