More expensive than drugs?
More expensive than drugs? Anadolu Agency

This week, weed’s been around. Its costs (along with other drugs) were compared to candy bars by Trump, meanwhile revenues from weed in Colorado ended up funding scholarships for college students, and hot models have been getting away with delivering it to Rihanna in NYC—for years. Imagine that! Read on...

Are Drugs Cheaper than Candy Bars?

Trump said many bizarre things at yesterday’s fiasco of a press conference. One of them was that “we’re becoming a drug-infested nation. Drugs are becoming cheaper than candy bars.” The statement set of a firestorm of hilarious Twitter responses. Of course, the fact-check for this begs the question: which candy bars, and which drugs? It looks like the going street value for marijuana is $15 per gram, heroin, about $15-20 per dose, and cocaine and meth start off at $80 per gram—while a Snickers bar is only 89 cents.

But Christopher Ingraham of the Washington Post argues that some drugs, like oxycodone and other pills, can be as cheap as a dollar a pill when sold individually. Of course, in Washington State where weed is legal, you can have your drugs in your candy bar (and eat it, too!): A 10mg THC chocolate bar made by Goodship will cost you $8.

Congressional Cannabis Caucus Formed

A group of federal lawmakers have formed a bipartisan congressional caucus for cannabis, seeking to pass more legislation allowing cannabis research, making medical marijuana available to veterans, and more. But their main goal is passing federal cannabis legislation like the Rohrabacher–Farr amendment , which protects states that have legalized marijuana from federal interference by the Justice Department.

A Collective of Hot Models are Delivering Weed in New York City

They’re called the Green Angels, and they regularly deliver to Rihanna. The group has not been busted in the eight years they’ve been operating because “good-looking girls don’t get searched.”

Marijuana Money Funds College Scholarships

One county in Colorado has been able to offer over $425,000 in local college scholarships—enough to fund a scholarship for every graduating high school senior in the county—using revenue from the state’s marijuana excise tax.

And College Kids Can Now Wear Pot Leaves on Tee-Shirts Along with Their Mascots

A federal judge has ruled that Iowa State University can’t stop marijuana advocacy group NORML from making tee-shirts with a cannabis leaf on one side and the university’s mascot (a cardinal) on the other.

Giant Weed Catapult Found South of the Border

The drug-slingers managed to get away. Mexican authorities confiscated the giant sling, while US authorities got to keep the 47 pounds of weed the smugglers left behind. No word on how Trump’s proposed $26 billion new wall will stop human ingenuity from getting that brick weed across the border.

CannaCon Comes to Seattle This Weekend

CannaCon, billed as “the world’s largest cannabis trade show,” is a three-day cannabis “business and culture expo” that lures over 12,000 pot producers, processors, distributors, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts alike. The conference started yesterday and features hundreds of booths, networking events, and seminars in everything from getting ‘clean green’ certified for growers to tax compliance and certification for retailers. The expo, which works to provide a global venue for cannabis businesses, will head to Santa Rosa, California on April 20.