We stumbled over Crashing this week and binged it over two nights. There are only six episodes—but, man, those six episodes! Not to be confused with HBO's Crashing (yet another show about the professional and romantic struggles of yet another standup comic), this Crashing is about a confused and confusing crew of young adults who live in a squalid disused hospital in London. (They live there legally to keep harder-to-remove squatters from living there illegally.)

Crashing was written by and stars Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the genius behind Fleabag. There are some false notes (would Lulu really choose to vomit in a pot of food simmering on a stove over vomiting on, say, the floor?), but the characters, situations, and setting are all original. These are people you haven't met on TV before—and while the show is broadly comic (and fucking hilarious), the people and (most of) the situations feel grounded in a recognizable reality.


No word yet if there's going to be a season two for this Crashing (HBO's Crashing has already been renewed for a second season), but here's hoping!