The United Confederate Veterans Memorial at Lake View Cemetery.
The United Confederate Veterans Memorial at Lake View Cemetery: perhaps not long for this world.

It looks like the petition to remove a Confederate monument at Lake View Cemetery has caught the attention of Mayor Ed Murray. Today, he issued a statement denouncing “statues and flags that represent this country’s abhorrent history of slavery and oppression based on the color of people’s skin." Removing them, he says, "is the right thing to do."

The statement goes on to say: “During this troubling time when Neo-Nazis and white power groups are escalating their racist activity, Seattle needs to join with cities and towns across the country who are sending a strong message by taking these archaic symbols down.”

Baltimore, after all, just took one down in the dead of night yesterday, and cities like Lexington, Dallas, and Memphis might follow suit soon, too.

The cemetery is run by a private, nonprofit organization, Lake View Cemetery Association – so only they can remove the monument. But in his statement, Murray says he contacted them to “express his concern about the monument.”

An individual who did not identify himself answered the phone at Lake View Cemetery and said he had no knowledge of Mayor Murray calling the cemetery' office. He hung up when asked for a response and about what plans the cemetery had (if any) to remove the monument.

It’s possible the cemetery wasn't prepared for the fallout—it looks like the cemetery had to close a couple hours ago due to an onslaught of angry calls and messages.