Roger, Stoned. Because youve have to be to match your hair with your suit like that.
Roger, Stoned. Because you've have to be to match your hair with your suit like that. JOSHUA BLANCHARD VIA GETTY IAGES

This week, smoking weed may have brought a Republican, a Democrat, and an Independent together, but it wasn’t enough for some cannabis advocacy group to make buds with Roger Stone (future strain name?). Also, Trump’s face shows up on some ecstasy pills (worst roll ever), and Denver is (finally) starting those pot clubs (but don’t hold your breath for it to happen soon). Read on.

Cannabis Conference Kerfuffle

A growing number of speakers and sponsors scheduled to attend the Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo have called for a boycott of the conference, set for September in Los Angeles. Apparently, the keynote speaker is none other than sleaze-In-chief and Trump bestie, Roger Stone. Stone was invited because he recently started the United States Cannabis Coalition, a bipartisan org aimed at protecting legal weed laws.

But some advocacy groups including Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA) just aren’t having it. Trump’s incendiary Charlottesville comments—and Stone’s own reputation for mouthing off —have given these groups pause. Here’s a good point from Weed News:

Maybe Roger Stone isn’t a racist, but you know what’s just as bad as being a racist? Using other people’s racism as a means to achieve your own political ends. There are plenty of well-intentioned conservatives that are coming around on our issue who don’t flirt with racism to make their point. If you want a principled conservative with political connections to speak at your events, invite Grover Norquist. I don’t care how connected Stone is to Jeff Sessions or Donald Trump, if our industry decides to buddy up to people who have blood on their hands, there is no way for us to come out clean.

Illegal Marijuana Grower In Northern California Killed

The Butte County Sheriff's Office said that deputies shot and killed 56-year-old Mark Jensen when he confronted them with a handgun. He had been making threatening phone calls to the police after code enforcement officers went to his home to tell him he was violating the county's marijuana cultivation law.

Read About “The Monsanto of Marijuana”

A mysterious company called BioTech Institute has been quietly scooping up patents for cannabis strains “worth hundreds of millions of dollars and could eventually affect every marijuana strain currently being bred.” Are they trying to get a chokehold on the future cannabis industry to cash in on billions of dollars as the first marijuana agri-business monopoly? Check out the story, here.

Denver Dragging on Social Use

After much dilly dallying, Denver is finally issuing their first licenses for social-use clubs since voters approved them in a ballot measure… last year. But new applicants can expect more delays, reams of red tape, complex regulations, and a host of other hassles.

Make MDMA Great Again?

Ok, not directly weed related but, just…why?

Watch a Republican, Democrat, and an Independent Smoke Weed Together

One thing they all agreed on: Trump’s presidency is escalating racism in America.