Of course Trump called Obama "the campaigner-in-chief" while running for president. And of course, once Trump became the president, he himself did not stop campaigning. He began with rallies that celebrated his campaign rallies. Then he started transforming any event (Boy Scouts National Jamboree, visits to military bases, and now a disaster) into a rally.

Today, Trump stood on a fire truck (what's that supposed to mean?) and told hurricane victims in Corpus Christi, Texas: "What a crowd, what a turnout." It's exactly the kind of thing he says at his never ending campaign events. Indeed, he spent much of his long speech at a recent rally in Phoenix talking about the big turnout.

In the campaign rally, he sees the ideal condition of his presidency. If the American public and press will not give him that kind of presidency, then he will return to rally, again and again. According to this ideal, the victims of the flood came to support the president, and not the other way around.