Catch Cheap Sweat at The Redlight this weekend.
Catch Cheap Sweat at The Redlight this weekend. Zach Etahiri

Did you want to see Thunderpussy and Naked Giants at the Everett Yacht Club, or maybe go to the TWXN PXXKS Dance Party, only to find out that they have the fucking annoying 21+ label at the bottom of the event? Me, too! But if you're not 21, don't fret. As The Stranger's resident 20.5 year old, I have found three shows with stacked lineups to check out this weekend that will increase your social standing and that will be cooler than anything with an age limit.

Girls Named Tomorrow, Le Grotto, Fruit Juice at Sunday School on Friday, 9/15

It's been awhile since a Sunday School show has popped up, but they're obviously back in action with Friday's show. Sunday School events are basically half rager/half house show, so if you're in the mood to party alongside the music, this is the one for you. But even if you're in it 100 percent for the music, the lineup is loaded with goodies. Seattle's Girls Named Tomorrow only have put out a few demos, but just a few seconds in to listening, it's clear that they've pretty much perfected alt-pop. The rest of the lineup hails from Olympia, with Le Grotto taking a turn toward surf-rock with distant vocals, and Fruit Juice bringing Passion Pit-inspired glam-rock tunes.

DMM: Moon Darling, Boat Race Weekend, Cheap Sweat, Anime Creek at The Redlight on Saturday, 9/16

Moving locations from Candy Mountain, Distinction Music Management has found an temporary home for their monthly show at The Redlight. Moon Darling will headline the night with their psych-rock, spacey guitars, and warm vocals reminiscent of Jagwar Ma. They'll also be joined by classic rockers Boat Race Weekend from Spokane, and Tacoma's Cheap Sweat, whose go-to sounds are very loud and then very soft, over and over again. Seattle U punks Anime Creek will open the night with Minna Lee's relatable lyricism (song titles include "I Hate Parties" and "Joseph Conrad, Write Me a Letter") and Grif Benzel's slow guitar licks.

Scott Yoder, SSDD, Basement Surfers, Pancho & The Factory at The Black Lodge on Saturday, 9/16

If you haven't been to the Black Lodge yet, this would be an excellent show to head on over to Eastlake. Scott Yoder (previously of the Pharmacy) will be bringing his glittery rock to the DIY space before he embarks on a tour across the U.S. in support of his latest record, Looking Back in Blue, and his new 7-inch, "Ways of Love." Also on the bill are local faves Steal Shit Do Drugs (SSDD) and recent Den Tapes signees Basement Surfers—both of whom are sure to open up the pit. Opening the night will be Pancho & the Factory, all the way from Eugene.

So there you have it: three shows to pick from instead of crying over not being able to party near yachts with Thunderpussy. Not like that's my dream show or anything...