Right conclusion, wrong premise.
False premise, true conclusion. Some Anarchists

A group of people claiming to be the artists responsible for those weird anti-Jenny Durkan posters I wrote about yesterday have come forward. They identify themselves as "anarchists who do not vote in democratic elections," who do not work for Cary Moon, and who "despise [Durkan] in the depths of our souls." They claim Durkan sent convicted child molester Robert Childs to a family BBQ where some of their children were present in 2012, and say they will "never forget this despicable, unforgivable act."

These claims are unfounded. Though The Stranger reported activists saying they spotted Childs at a BBQ in 2012, and though the group cites Childs's attendance at the BBQ as the main reason they're mad at Durkan, the spokesperson for the group provided zero evidence that Durkan ordered Childs to attend. Moreover, though Durkan prosecuted the "troubled terrorist case" in question, neither Durkan nor the U.S. Attorney's Office paid Childs $90,000 for his work as an informant—the Seattle Police Department and the FBI did. This poster is frankly absurd conspiracy theory bullshit perpetuated by people who have no evidence to substantiate the thing that supposedly animates their rage.

The anartists (😉 ) were kind enough, however, to answer all the rhetorical questions I asked in my post about why anyone would create this poster in the first place:

Why have you only slightly misquoted Durkan?

Our slight misquotation of Jenny Durkan has more to do with our imperfect organic brains and our inability to use Google Search in order to retrieve the proper quotation from the internet. We feel that this error of human memory should reveal us to be everyday people not in the employ of Cary Moon. Those people surely have the wherewithal to conduct a Google search. Also, by slightly misquoting Jenny Durkan, we have provided incentive for the dubious to do their own Google search and discover the exact quote where she defends employing a convicted child-molester.

Why are you sort of implicating Cary Moon in Durkan’s thing by associating her name with an event she wasn’t involved in?

If any connection between Cary Moon and Jenny Durkan's unforgivable act of entrapment was conveyed through the posters, we would like to clarify this is completely unintentional. We wanted to convey precisely the opposite.

Why connect Cary Moon to Molly Moon?

Given Jenny Durkan's connection to unsavory child-molesters like Robert Childs, we felt it necessary to connect Cary Moon with something truly savory, like ice-cream. Did we lie about the Moon sisters? Yes. However, the illuminated viewer might have already made the proper connection. Let us explain. [Eds. note: For the sake of time and space and your valuable attention, I'll spare you their explanation of the bourgeoise. Ultimately, they claim to connect the Moons because Cary is "the mayoral candidate of what the French call la petite bourgeoise," and Molly Moon's is an establishment of the petite bourgeoise. All that might be well and good, but Molly Moon endorsed Jenny Durkan for mayor. Also, most ice cream is truly sweet, not "truly savory."]

And, yeah, I guess, where are you all at on Universal Basic Income?

We are not actively against it, nor are we for it, much like the Moon campaign. UBI would certainly elevate many people in the first world out of poverty, but would do nothing to stop hurricanes, forest fires, smog, plastic in the ocean, Dow Chemicals in breast milk, and melting ice caps. UBI is the one move capitalism has left, and even then it will only buy a few years of “stability” before the planet says, “fuck you, I'm coming for everything you stole from me.”

Note: Parts of this interview were edited for clarity and to avoid repetition of unsubstantiated claims.