If I could somehow show how bad the writing was in an image, I would put that image here instead.
If I could somehow show how bad the dialogue was in an image, I would put that here.

What was with that dialogue? Robin Wright saying, "This breaks the world"? Other examples I can't remember now because I died of boredom? Why do producers spend millions on stars and special effects and forget to hire writers?

As for that image above from Blade Runner 2049: Moments later, that hologram stands up to reveal she's topless. Her phantom-huge digital breasts sway around in the air for Ryan Gosling to watch. There's also a scene that involves the humungous fallen statues of naked women with huge breasts, put there so the camera can linger on the stone nipples. And there's a scene where a fully naked woman, covered in clear goo, is extruded from the transparent sleeve of whatever it is that makes replicants.

Why Gosling's character—who is a replicant—would have sexual feelings at all makes no sense and is never explained. The tits in the wind are not for the replicant looking at them. They're not for moving the story along. They're for the straight guys in the audience.

Ryan Gosling also has a digital girlfriend or two throughout the 19-hour movie. Why the filmmakers would combine, in one sex scene, a rip-off of Her with a rip-off from Ghost is likewise never explained.

Why a gay person who hasn't even seen the first Blade Runner would spend three hours of a Sunday watching Blade Runner 2049 at Cinerama is hard to recall after the fact. The only reason that comes to mind: Ryan Gosling. Alas, he doesn't undergo the kind of objectification the women do, even though he has the insides of an iPhone. He is not objectified like the women are, even though he's literally an object. There's a scene where he's showering and the camera shows the top of his head and shoulders, like a Head & Shoulders commercial. Not fair! Meanwhile, the bouncing, dancing, puckered, high-heeled, phantom-large women everywhere else (including huge ballerinas dancing through the street) are just to establish that... straight guys made the movie? That nothing will have changed by 2049, women-in-Hollywood-wise? That there are no gay people in the future?