This is a far more serious accusation than what Anthony Rapp described earlier this week.
This is a more serious accusation than what Anthony Rapp described earlier this week. Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

New York magazine just published a Q&A with an unidentified 48-year-old artist who lives on the East Coast and says he had a sexual relationship with Kevin Spacey when he was 14. As explained in the introduction to the interview:

He first met Spacey in 1981, when the actor was a guest teacher at a weekend acting class he took in Westchester County; he was then a 12-year-old student. Spacey was 22 and working in the New York theater scene. They met again by chance in line at Shakespeare in the Park in 1983, when the student was 14 years old; Spacey had made his Broadway debut in Henrik Ibsen’s Ghosts the year prior. After that meeting, he says, Spacey gave him his phone number, and the two began a sexual relationship.

"Mr. Spacey absolutely denies the allegations," the actor's lawyer told the magazine.

But according to the accuser, the first time they spent time alone in Spacey's apartment was the day after they ran into each other in the park.

I called him on the phone the next day, and he told me how he was in love with me and wanted to see me. I went and saw him at an apartment he was renting on the Upper West Side. He had a black Labrador named Snake. He might’ve been walking that dog in Central Park when we bumped into him that night. We started a sexual relationship that first visit, which mostly involved me fucking him.

Asked how many times he saw Spacey after their initial encounter, the accuser says:

My memory is that we met up three or four more times with, again, proclamations that we loved each other. Also, [he was telling me] that there were producers who were really interested in me as an actor and that he wanted to get me auditions. He talked about some play and how he wanted to get me an audition for it. He hadn’t seen me act since I was 12.

Asked about the last time he saw Spacey, the accuser says:

So now I’m 15. He was in a different apartment, also on the Upper West Side, and I called him from a pay phone, like you used to do, and said, “I’m close by. Can I see you?” I had like 15 minutes before I had to meet my parents and some family friends for dinner.

He told me to come over, and I went to the apartment. And I thought we were going to kiss and tell each other we loved each other and I was going to go. But he wanted to have sex, and this time he wanted to fuck me, which had never happened to me before.

The interviewer clarifies: "He said he wanted to top you?"

He did not say. He just did. I guess he must have come up behind me and yanked down my baggy jeans, and he goes to fuck me and I’m like, “No, I don’t want to.” And he pushes hard, and grabs me, and starts shoving up against my asshole, and it hurts like a motherfucker. I again tell him no, and he tries again. I am strong enough, thank God, both somewhere in my brain and in my body, to get him off of me. I’m sturdy, thankfully. I throw him off of me and I run crying down the stairs and out into the street and then suck it all up and go have dinner.

The accuser also talks about how he's processed these experiences, the worries about repeat behavior that prompted him to come forward, and his changing understanding of what happened to him over time. He also says, "I’m grateful to Anthony Rapp for talking, that opened that door for me." The whole interview is here.