Oh, people. People, people, people. In the last few weeks, we have been kicking Gawker's ass in the First Annual Slog Vs. Gawker Holiday Charity Challenge. Slog readers have raised thousands of dollars to feed the hungry—way more than those snobby New Yorkers, whose blog hasn't even been any good since Richard Lawson left for the Atlantic Wire, anyway.

If you're just tuning in, here's the deal: If you donate any amount of money to Northwest Harvest, your donation will automatically be added to the good side of this Charity Fight to the Death. PLUS! If you send a copy of your receipt and your Slog commenter handle to, we will add an attractive blue "AWESOME PERSON" bug next to your name in every comment for a year!

But! That is not all. For the next day or so, we are hosting a special giveaway: If you help feed the hungry between now and midnight tomorrow and then mail the receipt to, you'll be added to a special raffle*. The prize? A case of wine from Lobo Hills Wine Company! The owner of Lobo Hills, the awesomely named Tony Dollar, is celebrating the first anniversary of his company—"Wedgwood's first winery," by the way—by donating a case of his finest wine to one big-hearted Slogger. (If you'd like to help Lobo Hills celebrate their first anniversary, you should know that they're having a big fancy party to celebrate on Friday, December 16th with music, booze, and dessert.) Make your donations now—that wine isn't going to drink itself, you big-hearted lushes, you!

* Any Northwest Harvest receipt from between right now and tomorrow at midnight that you mail to us will be included in the raffle, so even if you've already donated, you can absolutely donate again! We're generous like that.